Through Ben Lam Chi (2022) – Vietnamese stars landed on the red carpet to celebrate the film’s release

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Through Ben Lam Chi has just had a successful launch.

Through Ben Lam Chi has just had a premiere in Ho Chi Minh City, with the participation of the main cast and famous Vietnamese stars who came to celebrate. With a meaningful message about love and family, the premiere of Through Ben Lam Chi brought many emotions and unexpected moments to the audience.

Coming to congratulate Qua Ben Lam Chi has the main cast including Thuan Nguyen, Phuong Titi, Quang Minh, Duy Khanh and director Nguyen Trung Cang. In addition to the film’s cast, the premiere also attracted a large number of media and special guests such as: Anh Tu Atus, Hai Trieu, Thanh Thuc, husband and wife Thanh Duy – Kha Ly, Truong Quynh Anh, Kim Nha, director Luk Van, Ngoc Trai, Gi A Nguyen, Tra Ngoc, director Huu Tien, musician Luu Thien Huong, singer Orange, Champion of King of Rap ICD, Andiez Nam Truong, Nam Cuong and MC Minh Ngoc … The premiere event of the film Qua Ben Lam Chi was hosted by MC Hoang Rapper.

At the premiere of Qua Ben Lam Chi , Thuan Nguyen was full of charm when choosing an elegant black suit. He is also very nervous looking forward to the audience’s reaction when the movie is officially released. Because this is his first time playing the male lead. For him, the role of Tuan is a memorable highlight of his youth and career journey. After nearly 10 years of pursuing art, coming to Qua Ben Lam Chi , Thuan Nguyen had the opportunity to enjoy the first times when participating in Qua Ben Lam Chi such as: starring, kissing on screen with female co-star – Phuong Titi.

Thuan Nguyen is also under pressure with his role in Qua Ben Lam Chi , looking forward to the audience’s response, especially after the success of Sweet Trap . It can be said that this film project is Thuan Nguyen’s transition before Thanh So hits theaters at the end of April. Therefore, the pleasant opening of Qua Ben Lam Chi promises to create momentum for the actor.

Equally prominent on the red carpet of Qua Ben Lam Chi is the appearance of a good duo in the movie Quang Minh – Duy Khanh. Both actors fully grasp the humorous side of Qua Ben Lam Chi , making the rhythm of the movie engaging and full of laughter.

Quang Minh in style with an innovative vest. The veteran actor praised his juniors Duy Khanh and Thuan Nguyen when they joined the cast of Qua Ben Lam Chi . Quang Minh believes that the young generation of actors in Vietnamese cinema will still make many breakthroughs.

Particularly Duy Khanh still has a new style. At the premiere, he also humorously recounted the process of learning to do nails when he went to the US to act in a movie, so much so that “blood was shed”. The role of Leo in Qua Ben Lam Chi continues to be Duy Khanh who is playful, witty but also has depth. Acting next to senior Quang Minh helped Duy Khanh learn a lot. Duy Khanh is receiving the attention of the public when appearing in the program ” Stars to enlist”, along with the release of the movie ” Qua Ben Lam Chi” , which promises to be his explosive year.

Beautiful” with the male and female actors, Phuong Titi also attracts all eyes with her seductive appearance and deep white skirt. When standing side by side on the red carpet, Thuan Nguyen took great care of Phuong Titi, when shielding her co-stars to adjust the costumes, making the audience extremely excited. This is also her first time starring in a movie project. At the premiere of this film, Phuong Titi did not hide her feelings of anticipation but also anxiety when receiving the shares of the audience watching the film. The actress said that the whole crew had tried their best for this project, so for the movie to come to theaters, the audience will always love and empathize with the film’s story.

Through Ben Lam Chi is director Nguyen Trung Cang’s debut film in the Vietnamese market. During the movie premiere, he was very emotional when the “baby” he cared for was released to the audience for a long time. It was a difficult journey of a young, enthusiastic film crew. He hopes that the audience will accept the film as a spiritual encouragement for the crew of Qua Ben Lam Chi .

Present very early in the premiere of Qua Ben Lam Chi , Anh Tu Atus is full of personality, attracting all eyes with his handsome, masculine demeanor. The actor also shared: “This film is a landmark project of Thuan Nguyen. Anh Tu hopes that his role in Qua Ben Lam Chi will create more impressions for his friend in acting.

Singer Orange also revealed that she will contribute a part in Qua Ben Lam Chi , but she has not shared much more. But the audience hopes it will be a soundtrack song. Orange expressed: “The film reminds Orange of her feelings when she went to America alone, lonely in the middle of the airport. Orange was very happy and nervous when the movie came out. Minh also made a small contribution to the film. Hopefully, Qua Ben Lam Chi will create sympathy for viewers.”

Through Ben Lam Chi is the only romantic-comedy film to hit theaters this year’s anniversary season. Along with The Brilliant Night , Through Ben Lam Chi is the project that “carries” the opening responsibility for the Vietnamese series that will land this April, which is a “golden” time with many big holidays. “From the beginning to the end, the end will fall” so Qua Ben Lam Chi is a promising appetizer “dish”, opening to the audience a hearty “menu” of Vietnamese films.