Thor 4: Love and Thunder What records did the blockbuster set when it was released to the audience?


Five years since the blockbuster Thor: Ragnarok, stars Taika Waititi and Chris Hemsworth have combined to bring the audience a monumental and humorous masterpiece, true to the name “Thor: Love and Thunder”.

Thor 4: Love and Thunder becomes the highest-grossing Thor movie ever

After opening weekend, Thor: Love and Thunder brought in $ 143 million, becoming the highest-grossing movie of the Thor franchise. Previously, Thor (2011), Thor: The Dark World and Thor: Ragnarok earned $ 65 million, $ 86 million and $ 123 million in the first week of release. Experts say that Taika Waititi’s blockbuster will surpass the total revenue of 854 million USD of the previous movie, maybe even reach the 1 billion USD mark.

At the international box office, Thor: Love and Thunder opened above expectations with $159 million from 47 markets, bringing the global total to $302 million. Audiences especially love to enjoy the movie in IMAX, 3D and other premium formats, accounting for 36% of global ticket sales. IMAX alone brought in $23 million worldwide, including $13.8 million in North America.

In Vietnam, Thor: Love and Thunder swept the weekend box office with more than 57 billion dong in revenue after 4 days of opening. This is the second highest opening grossing in 2022 after Doctor Strange 2. The movie is also expected to be the second Marvel movie to surpass the 100 billion dong mark.

Entertaining works

After taking over the brand, Taika Waititi has “changed flesh” Thor in a humorous style. The muddy nature of moviemaker Jojo Rabbit continues to be reproduced in Thor: Love and Thunder. The movie is filled with laughter from all sorts of situations and satirical lines.

Thor finds a way to “get back” with Mjolnir but makes Stormbreaker “jealous”. Many difficult plays take place when Jane first possesses the power of Thor and the two Thunder Gods compete to show off. Besides, the appearance of Zeus (Russell Crowe) – a cowardly but colorful, arrogant god – takes up every screen moment.

Besides humor, Thor: Love and Thunder also entertains fans with many great battles.

Character building

Not only is there more “thunder” but “love” in Thor: Love and Thunder is equally emotional. After 9 years of absence since Thor: The Dark World (2013), Jane Foster has had a very reasonable return.

The audience has a clearer view of Valkyrie after learning about her loss and longing for love after the battle with Hela (Cate Blanchett). Korg also has a life of his own that has never been seen before. Natalie Portman gave a good performance when she showed two opposite images of Jane.

In particular, the villain Gorr is invested with a very clear purpose and action plan. Christian Bale’s performance created the audience’s sympathy for the tragic past and scared everyone when witnessing Gorr slaughtering and torturing the gods.

However, many viewers also argued when “Thor: Love and Thunder” was too inclined to be amusing, the content was not profound. Many viewers also commented that “Thor: Love and Thunder” is like a parody version of God of Thunder.