Thomas Tuchel upsets Edouard Mendy gets a lot of spotlight, a sign Chelsea’s defense is not right


Chelsea manager , Thomas Tuchel , is upset to see the attention and praise for Edouard Mendy . Because, if that happens, then something is wrong with the way the Blues defenders work.

Mendy has actually received a lot of praise since playing with Chelsea at the beginning of the 2020/2021 season. Mendy emerged as an important player and succeeded in displacing Kepa to the bench.

The 2021/2022 season is still the same, Mendy continues to get a lot of praise. However, Tuchel later admitted that he was starting to get restless with the compliment. Tuchel is happy for Mendy’s good performance, but there are other factors that are troubling him.

Bad sign
In Chelsea’s last two games, Mendy has been praised for his impressive action. Mendy made six saves as Chelsea drew against Chelsea. The same amount was done when they met Aston Villa.

“I don’t really like it when Mendy is in the spotlight,” Tuchel told the club’s official website.

Mendy got the spotlight for making a lot of saves. This, according to Tuchel, actually shows that there is something wrong with the Blues defense. Chelsea were unable to protect Mendy from the threat of forward players.

“If he’s more or less invisible to the crowd in the stadium then I’m very happy. That means we didn’t let the opponent many chances,” said Mendy.

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Meanwhile, regarding the many rescue actions that Mendy did, Tuchel was actually also happy. Because, the Senegalese goalkeeper proved to be reliable for Chelsea to block every attack.

o easy at the moment.”

“I even like difficult games and difficult moments because they sharpen our mentality,” said the German manager.

Apart from the performance of the back line, Tuchel is very satisfied with Mendy’s performance as an individual. In addition, as a person, Tuchel also feels Mendy is a special person.

“An amazing Mendy with a fantastic personality, very humble, very calm,” said Tuchel.

“His development from day one has been incredible. He plays with so much confidence. It’s very difficult to score against him in training. Our goalkeeping coach and the second and third goalkeepers did a fantastic job.”

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Dark Art to Stop Romelu Lukaku and Chelsea: The ball may pass, people don’t!

Ron Walker, a Sky Sports journalist , analyzes how to stop Romelu Lukaku and Chelsea . In addition to relying on individual tactics and abilities, Ron Walker also suggests a dark way, namely making offenses.

Lukaku has grown tremendously with Inter Milan in the last two seasons. After ordaining himself as King of Milan, Lukaku then traces his past at Chelsea.

Lukaku returns to Chelsea at the start of the 2021/2022 season. The 28-year-old wants to make amends for failure on his first opportunity with the Blues. And, so far, Lukaku has made a big impact for the West London club.

How to Stop Lukaku
Lukaku and Chelsea are the right combination. Chelsea, under Thomas Tuchel, are a solid team. However, last season they didn’t have a goal machine that could decide the victory when things didn’t go easy.

Now, the goal machine is present in the figure of Lukaku. They set it up right away. It didn’t take long for Lukaku to get into Chelsea’s scheme of play and immediately understand how good his team-mates play.

Lukaku is a complete player. He has technical ability and physical strength. However, that doesn’t mean Lukaku can’t be stopped.

Ron Walker notes there are several ways to stop Lukaku. Walker’s analysis is based on Lukaku’s match with Inter in the 2020/2021 Serie A season. In particular, he took samples from three matches: against Atalanta, Hellas Verona and Udinese.

Ball Late, Players Don’t!
Ron Walker says stopping Lukaku is not easy. There has to be a player who specifically looks after it and the collective game. The three parallel defender scheme can be more effective because it will win the number of players.

Apart from the technical side, Ron Walker also suggested a dark art to stop Lukaku, namely making a foul.

Big Res
Doing a technical violation of course requires special skills. As Giorgio Chiellini did with Bukayo Saka in the Euro 2020 final. Ron Walker said the same thing that defenders who will meet Lukaku must learn.

The alternative is probably much more painful than a yellow card,” said Ron Walker.

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