Thomas Tuchel: Chelsea never came close to signing Harry Kane


The manager of Chelsea , Thomas Tuchel provide clarification regarding rumors of his team chase Harry Kane at last summer. He admits this, but he says Chelsea are very far from signing the Tottenham striker.

In the transfer market last summer there were many rumors regarding Kane’s future. The striker reportedly wants to leave Tottenham in order to get the title trophy.

Last summer there were several clubs who were rumored to want to bring in the striker. One of them is Chelsea.

When confirmed about the rumors, this is Tuchel’s answer. “He [Kane] is not on our shopping list,” Tuchel was quoted as saying by Sportsmole.

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Read the manager’s full comments below.

Never Ask
Tuchel said that he also never asked Chelsea management to sign Kane.

He said that he never forced the management of the Blues to buy Kane.

Through an Intermediary
But Tuchel confirmed that Chelsea had indeed had communication with Kane’s agent. But that’s only through intermediaries.

“The club opened the communication. There are several people who communicated with us regarding the player,”

“We get information about Kane from these people. But we were never close to signing Kane,” he said.

Buy Another Striker
Last summer, Chelsea decided to buy another striker.

They paid 115 million Euros to bring Romelu Lukaku from Inter Milan.

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Good news comes for Chelsea . Their mainstay midfielder, N’Golo Kante is confirmed to be able to play in the Tottenham vs Chelsea match .

The French national team player is one of the crucial figures in the Chelsea squad. He always showed a stable performance in the Blues midfield.

But Kante has missed Chelsea’s last two games. The midfielder has an ankle injury.

The good news, Tuchel confirmed that Kante is ready to play in tomorrow’s match. “We have no additional injuries in our team,” said Tuchel, quoted by Sportsmole.

Ready to Play
Tuchel said that Kante has now fully recovered from the injury that gripped him.

He made sure the midfielder could strengthen Chelsea in the match.

Pulisic Still Recovery
On this occasion, Tuchel also provided information regarding the situation of Christian Pulisic.

He said that the winger was still recovering from the ankle injury he suffered.

But at this time he has not trained with our team,” he said.

Aim for Victory
Faced with Tottenham, Chelsea are aiming for victory.

They want to get the three points and stick tight to MU at the top of the standings.

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