This time I want to give a recommendation for a manga Yugami-kun ni wa Tomodachi ga Inai


that has elements of rakugo and sports. Let’s just talk about it right away.

Manga Detail
Judul: Yugami-kun ni wa Tomodachi ga Inai
Author : Sakura Jun
Genre : Comedy, Slice of Life, Sports, School Life
Serialization : Shonen Sunday

Yes nopsis
Tells the story of Watanuki Chihiro who since childhood often changes schools, which indirectly makes it difficult to make friends. And this time, he had to transfer to Kamihoshi High. The first day of his new school he started with getting into trouble. She was with a man who later became her seat neighbor in class. His name is Yugami Yuuji, a person who is.. very, very strange.

Even though he was an Ace of the school’s baseball club, he couldn’t adapt to his teammates at all. In fact, he distanced himself from his classroom environment and was happier with his solitude. this is where Watanuki’s new life will begin. How will he get through his high school years with his eccentric bench neighbor?

Unique . That was my initial impression when I read this manga. Tells the daily life of people who are forced to be alone because of circumstances and people who actually want solitude. When else are we presented with the main character who wants everything on his own, even though he is an ace from the baseball club who incidentally requires solid teamwork.

But the solitude of a Yugami Yuji here is really able to build a story and channel various messages around how you should be social, how you should express yourself more openly to your environment.

The conflicts presented look trivial, but are packaged so nicely because of their eccentric solutions. Like how a person should refuse to take responsibility for something he didn’t do. How should we react to comrades who only take advantage of our existence. It’s all presented in this manga well.

Funny and Entertaining . Yes, this manga has its own funny side in delivering its comedy. how a Watanuki Chihiro has to deal with an eccentric loner like Yugami, the tugging of his veins that is exasperated by Yugami’s selfish but well-founded behavior, to how Yugami is treated as a rival that even Yugami himself forgets who that person is.

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Here are some characters that often appear in this manga.

1. Yugami Yuuji

The main character in this manga. an Ace of the baseball club who is always aloof. is a big fan of Rakugo, even until one day he prioritized Rakugo over his class events.

2. Watanuki Chihiro

The main character who accompanies Yugami in this manga. Someone who wants to live the life of a typical high school kid, with friends who are always around him. Someone who was able to understand Yugami’s kindness in his selfishness.

3. Lose Haruki

Kouhai and Yugami’s battery (read: messenger) in Kamihoshi High School baseball club. It is said that only he is willing to balance the game as well as Yugami’s selfish nature.

4. Kuzumi Wakana

The manager of the baseball club and someone who first becomes Watanuki’s friend in class. His somewhat protective nature towards Watanuki will eventually bring problems to Watanuki later.

5. Fujisawa Rio

A baseball fanatic for secretly falling in love with Yugami. The only person who ever liked Yugami and the only person rejected by someone as eccentric as Yugami.

6. Hayashiyama Masaki

Yugami’s classmate when he was in elementary school as well as someone who saw Yugami as his rival because of something related to baseball in his elementary school days.

Maybe it’s just like this, which is clear for those of you who need comedy reading but it’s unique and contains a lot of messages, you can try this manga. With this interesting story and characters, hopefully Yugami-kun ni wa Tomodachi ga Inai will be adapted into anime in the future.