This is Kerem Bürsin’s ambitious new project, and it’s not film or television


Since Love is in the air came to an end in September 2021 and finished broadcasting in Spain, we have not seen Kerem Bürsin on television again. However, this year the Turkish actor has been making small trips to Spain and each and every one of them focused on new projects that will come to light very soon..

Kerem Bürsin, in addition to being an actor, is also in charge of producing projects from his company called Braveborn Films, which he has created together with his partner and friend Kemal Çömelek. He is currently immersed in different productions, but in which he is not part of the cast..
He is now determined to find projects to support and bring to light.

This same has been extrapolated to other areas, not only to the audiovisual industry, and has decided to enter the vast market of the Metaverse. A few days ago he was in Madrid at the presentation of Olyverse , Olyseum’s 3.0 digital entertainment brand. You may ask, what does all this have to do with Bürsin??

Well, the actor is part, together with Álvaro Morte (the professor in La Casa de Papel ), of the project created by this company, which is based on the first NFS (Non-Fungible Story), 3D animated films in the metaverse, based on a collection of NFTs. Such has been the success of this kind of collections, that last November, Morte already started this initiative that sold out in 84 seconds , and therefore managed to add a total of 1 million dollars collected in the presale of the 14th of that same month.

After observing the success that this type of project promises, Bürsin has wanted to broaden horizons and not lag behind the avant-garde. In an interview with Pronto he acknowledged being incredibly satisfied with being part of it:

This platform has the objective of, through an audiovisual format, putting actors and actresses in contact with their fans through digital assets assembled into stories told by the best directors. For example, the director Koldo Serra was also present at the Olyverse presentation in Madrid and is also part of the project.

But Bürsin is not moving away from the world of acting either and has revealed to Pronto that in July he will come to Spain for nothing less than the shooting of a movie . We will have to wait a few weeks to find out what it is..