This Is Joo Ji Hoon’s Smart Answer When Asked A Racist Question By Foreign Media

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Joo Ji Hoon Was Asked Racist Questions During An Interview With A “Kẻ Nguyền Ta Chết” German Magazine Recently. What Is The Question Like And What Is The Smart Answer?

Recently, Joo Ji Hoon underwent a photo shoot as well as an interview with German magazine ICON . This is quite proud, because he is the first Korean artist to grace the cover of the magazine.

On Friday (5/11), ICON released the full interview of “The Conjuring: Ma xui quỷ khiến” Joo Ji Hoon. On this occasion, Joo Ji Hoon answered various questions about his personal life and the global Korean content, ” Squid Game “.

First of all, Joo Ji Hoon was asked if Hollywood should be worried because K-Culture is on the rise. Like the interviewer, Joo Ji Hoon is also curious about what will happen “Tộc Săn Người” in the future.

He said, Korean films have been successful all over the world. But the staff, actors, directors and production costs are paid at the Korean level as in the past “Hung Thần Trắng“.

Even if Korean films prove successful, our proposals are always the same as before, he added.

Joo Ji Hoon was then asked a pretty rude question by the magazine interviewer.

Instead of showing anger, Joo Ji Hoon gave a smart answer that could be considered a “backlash”. “We see you guys that way too. All white people look the same. Only Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise “Lật Mặt: 48H” look different,” he replied with a laugh.

Lastly, Joo Ji Hoon talked “Bố Già” about Jung Woo Sung whom he really admires.

“Because I have the opportunity to be close to such a person, my confusion when I was young has reduced a lot,” concluded the 1982-born actor.

Meanwhile, Joo Ji Hoon is currently starring in the tvN drama ” Jirisan “. He plays a former soldier who switches professions as a Jiri Mountain ranger after seeing the deaths of people on the mountain. But he ends up having a tragic accident on the mountain leading to brain death and coma.

Potret kece Jadi <i>Brand Ambassador</i>

6 Charms Of Joo Ji Hoon Who Comeback Drama With Jun Ji Hyun

Joo Ji Hoon Comeback Mystery Genre Drama Titled ‘Jirisan’ With Jun Ji Hyun. Line Up To Be The Main Character, Here Are A Series Of Stunning Portraits Of Joo Ji Hyun At The Age Of Four.

The long-awaited Jirisan trailer has finally appeared, where in the video footage it features Joo Ji Hoon and Jun Ji Hyun as the main characters. The drama tells the story of “Godzilla vs. Kong” two forest rangers who save the lives of people on Mount Jiri. Joo Ji Hoon in the drama will play a mysterious new forest guard who has a dark secret.

This mystery genre drama is rumored to be premiering in October “Ong nhí phiêu lưu ký: Giải cứu công chúa kiến” . This will be Joo Ji Hoon’s acting comeback after starring in the film ” Hyena ” in 2020. Joo Ji Hoon is one of the actors who eats a lot of acid and salt in the world of acting so there is no doubt about his acting. He also has handsome visuals at the age of four. Comeback drama, here are a series of portraits of Joo Ji Hoon who is full of charm.

1. Beautiful Portrait Of Being A Brand Ambassador
Joo Ji Hoon looks cute when he takes a photo with a white Mercedes Benz car. The Taurus zodiac actor has apparently become a brand ambassador for AMG Mercedes Benz and the AMG Driving Academy. Posing epicly, Joo Ji Hoon wore a combination of a short-sleeved shirt, black pants and shoes and matching glasses.

2. Follow Thanks To Challenge
Joo Ji Hoon did not miss to take part in the thanks to challenge as a form of gratitude for the efforts of the medical team during the COVID-19 pandemic. The handsome actor was nominated “Thiên thần hộ mệnh” by Jung Woo Sung . Joo Ji Hoon then invited Park Sung Woong , Kim Dong Wook and Ji Chang Wook to take part in this challenge .

3. Celebrate The New Year With A Super Simple Outfit
Joo Ji Hoon celebrates the 2019 new year with a mop but cute outfit . The star of the movie ” Dark Figure of Crime ” was wearing a magenta t-shirt, black jacket, gray pants and matching sneakers. Joo Ji Hoon also added a magenta dad hat to sweeten his appearance. He then sat casually on the sofa and wished him a happy new year.

4. Handsome Even If Selfie Is Expressionless
Joo Ji Hoon likes to upload selfie “Shang-Chi và huyền thoại Thập Luân” portraits with a flat face like at this moment. The star of the film ” Along With the Gods: The Two Worlds ” was looking straight at the camera and expressionless . However, his good looks even more radiated because Jo Ji Hoon looks very cool .

5. Win Lots Of Awards
Joo Ji Hoon is one of the proudest Korean actors because of his acting skills. He has brought more or less 22 trophies since he first appeared on the small screen. In the portrait above, Joo Ji Hoon won Best Actor at the Korea Film Producers Association Awards in 2018.

6. Portrait Of Crown Prince In Drama ‘Kingdom’
Joo Ji Hoon uploaded his portrait when he became the crown prince in the drama ” Kingdom “. He shows the perfect side of a man from among the above portraits. Joo Ji Hoon’s acting in this horror genre drama successfully made netizens get carried away.