This Is How Lee Sang Yoon And Honey Lee Feel After Filming The ‘One The Woman’ Accident Scene


In The Behind-The-Scenes Video For ‘One The Woman‘ Which Was Released Recently, Lee Sang Yoon And Honey Lee Were Seen Filming A Pretty Dangerous Accident Scene.

SBS recently shared a behind-the-scenes video of the drama ” One the Woman “. The video features various interesting moments, including the filming of the accident scene of Jo Yeon Joo ( Honey Lee ) and Han Seung Wook ( Lee Sang Yoon ).

In this scene itself, the car that Jo Yeon Joo and Han Seung Wook was driving was damaged due to a failed brake. As Jo Yeon Joo was in pain, Han Seung Wook took over the wheel and the car spun out of control before crashing.

As shown, the process of filming this scene also looks quite tense. The reason is, the car they are driving actually spins for a while.

In order to maximize safety, Honey Lee and Lee Sang Yeon adjusted their timing well. They also took all necessary measures so that no one was injured.

However, they couldn’t just hide their fear. When asked how he felt being in a spinning car, Lee Sang Yoon replied, “It’s faster than I thought. I thought it would turn slowly.”

Honey Lee showed a similar reaction. He commented, “It’s a mess. It felt like it was over as soon as filming started.”

After completing the scene, Honey Lee prepared to get out of the car. The funny thing is, he forgot to take off his seat belt to trigger everyone’s laughter.

Honey Lee then continued filming with Lee Won Geun who played Ahn Yoo Joon. He showed extraordinary concentration despite being distracted by the sound of passing motorbikes, car horns and rain.

He even sang a line quite funny like, Even if it rains, even if it snows, even if the wind blows, we will still shoot!

Meanwhile, “One the Woman” has aired eight episodes. That way, this drama will enter the second half of this weekend.

SBS Releases Lee Sang Yoon And Honey Lee’s Emotional Moments In ‘One The Woman’, Production Staff Says

Ahead Of The Airing Of The New Episode Of ‘One The Woman’, SBS Released Photos Of Lee Sang Yoon And Honey Lee’s Scenes As Well As Gave Important Comments Like The Following.

SBS will air a new episode of ” One the Woman ” on Saturday (16/10) tonight. Ahead of the broadcast, the production team gave an interesting leak in the form of photos of the scene of the two main characters, namely Jo Yeon Joo ( Honey Lee ) and Han Seung Wook ( Lee Sang Yoon ).

In the previous episode, Jo Yeon Joo confessed to Han Seung Wook that she was the daughter of the factory arsonist who killed her father. Even though Jo Yeon Joo tries to avoid him, Han Seung Wook doesn’t want to break up with her.

In addition, Jo Yeon Joo also felt very frustrated after key witness Lee Bong Shik ( Kim Jae Young ) died in prison. He was so drunk that he finally kissed Han Seung Wook in his apartment.

In the newly released stills, Jo Yeon Joo and Han Seung Wook are seen shaking hands very emotionally under the moonlight. Even though it was a simple handshake, the two of them looked so sad that they almost cried as if they were about to part.

It seems that this scene is related to the return of the original Kang Mina (Honey Lee) to Korea which is shown in the epilogue. Seeing how emotional the two were, viewers were worried that this scene would mark the end of their partnership.

On the other hand, the production staff praised Honey Lee and Lee Sang Yoon’s acting skills while filming the scene. According to him, the two actors were able to display sad acting very well.

The production staff stated, Thanks to Honey Lee and Lee Sang Yoon, who poured out their emotions until the very last cut, making the entire set immersed in the scene.

Please watch to see if their characters, who know each other’s feelings, can realize their love, concluded the production team.

Meanwhile, “One the Woman” only leaves seven final episodes and will end on November 6. Later this drama broadcast slot will be replaced with ” Now, We Are Breaking Up ” starring Song Hye Kyo and Jang Ki Yong .