This Is How Jo In Sung And Han Hyo Joo Played A Couple With Super Powers In ‘Moving’


While Attending The Disney+ Showcase , Jo In Sung And Han Hyo Joo Talked About Their Characters In The Upcoming Drama ‘Moving’. Listen To What They Have To Say Below.

On Thursday (14/10), Disney+ held an APAC Content Showcase to introduce some of its new projects. On this occasion, Han Hyo Joo and Jo In Sung also talked about their roles in the drama ” Moving “.

Han Hyo Joo who plays Lee Mi Hyun revealed that her character has a very complicated life. That’s why he had to portray various kinds of expressions well.

He said, Lee Mi Hyun has super senses. I need to be able to act time travel to the present, acting as an elite secret agent, a deep melo figure, and motherly nature to protect her child. The character is very complicated, so I filmed it. with deep concern.

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Jo In Sung, who plays Han Hyo Joo’s husband, also revealed how to portray this role. He explained, Kim Du Shik is Lee Mi Hyun’s husband. He is a secret agent who has the ability to fly.

The original webtoon has been widely read so maybe there is no need to explain further. We will act according to other characters and actors, so I hope you can enjoy a different view,” added the 1981-born actor.

He added, When I look at the script, I think about how to use my true colors in the same way. I think I’ll figure it out when I start filming. I also think that Mi Hyun would suit me.

Han Hyo Joo also revealed that the other actors worked very well on set. His son actor is even willing to gain tens of kilograms of weight for the sake of this drama.

Han Hyo Joo chimed in, I will do my best. I have started filming. The synchronization rate of my son’s character Bong Seok is very good. He is thin, but he gained 30 kilograms for the role. I thought it was cool and proud.

Meanwhile, “Moving” will have 20 episodes. The plan, the drama directed by ” Kingdom ” season 2 will air in 2022.

Jo In Sung Offered To Act With Han Hyo Joo In Drama PD ‘The World Of The Married’

‘Moving’ By The PD Of ‘The World Of The Married’ Tells The Story Of The Growth Of High School Students And Their Parents Who Carry Secrets That No One Else Knows.

PD Mo Wan Il who has worked on ” The World of the Married ” and ” Misty ” is currently preparing a new drama titled ” Moving ” (the translation title can still be changed). Previously, the production team took Han Hyo Joo to join.

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But until now, Han Hyo Joo still has not confirmed. The beautiful actress is currently still focused on the production of her latest film ” The Pirates 2 ” with Lee Kwang Soo , Kang Ha Neul , EXO’s Suho and many more.

What’s interesting is that on Wednesday (9/9), local media compactly reported that Jo In Sung was being targeted to star in “Moving”. If agreed later, this will be the actor’s first time acting in a drama after six years after ” It’s Okay, That’s Love “.

“Moving” is a drama adapted from the webtoon of the same name. This drama tells the story of the growth of high school students and their parents who carry secrets that no one else knows.

Jo In Sung is not the only one who will be making a drama comeback in “Moving” after years away from the small screen. If you agree, Han Hyo Joo will star in a drama for the first time after ” W ” in 2016.

“Moving” itself has not determined when it will begin production considering that South Korea is currently facing a wave of rising COVID-19 patients. Some TV crews and actors have even tested positive for COVID-19.

Meanwhile, “Moving” was originally prepared to be broadcast next year. However, due to this uncertain situation, the production team is currently reportedly still focusing on finding the cast of the drama first.