This Is How BLACKPINK’s Rose Reacted When She First Saw Her Dress For The Met Gala


Rosé Expressed Her Opinion On Her Outfit In An Interview With Vogue. He Initially Didn’t Know What Saint Laurent Would Give Him To Wear At The Met Gala.

BLACKPINK’s Rose ( Black Pink ) recently made headlines by being one of the first female K-Pop idols to attend the Met Gala, an event known for its influence in the fashion world. The “On the Ground” singer also revealed what her reaction was when she first saw her dress.

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Rosé attended the Met Gala with Saint Laurent’s creative director, Anthony Vaccarello as she became a global brand ambassador. Wearing a mini black dress with a white ribbon, the 1997-born singer looked beautiful and elegant.

Rosé expressed her opinion on her outfit in an interview with Vogue. She initially didn’t know what Saint Laurent would give her to wear, saying, I thought it was a black mini dress. I think so. But I think I like wearing black mini dresses.

Vogue’s camera followed her throughout the process of fitting her outfit. After doing the finishing touches, Rosé had about an hour before she had to head to the venue. I just started my fitting so you guys can follow along. You can see me wearing my accessories, said Rosé.

While putting on her necklace, Rosé commented how cool and beautiful the Saint Laurent accessories were, as expected. I mean, it’s Saint Laurent. It’s so chic and so cool, said Rosé.

So what did Rosé think about her dress at the Met Gala? Simply put, the Australian singer loves it. She told Vogue that she felt “amazing” in her full outfit. “So much fun. I feel great!” he exclaimed.

Fans will definitely agree that Rosé looked stunning in her Met Gala debut. Confident and graceful, she caught the attention of people at the venue and fans watching online.

Seperti Ini Reaksi Rose BLACKPINK Saat Pertama Kali Lihat Gaunnya untuk Met Gala

This Figure Was The First To Be Notified By Rose BLACKPINK About Her Appearance At The Met Gala

As The Met Gala Is Considered One Of The Most Prominent And Most Exclusive Social Events In The World, Many Are Curious To Know Who Rosé First Informed Of Her Presence.

BLACKPINK’s Rose (Black Pink) managed to steal the show with her presence at the Met Gala in a black Saint Laurent mini dress and people couldn’t stop talking about her. Recently, the “On the Ground” singer revealed who was the first person he told about himself who would attend the Met Gala.

As the Met Gala is considered one of the most prominent and most exclusive social events in the world, many are curious to know who Rosé first informed of her presence. In her latest video with Vogue, Rosé shares her journey and preparation process for the prestigious event.

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As she got ready, Rosé revealed to whom she first broke the news.

Rosé excitedly shared, The first person I told was probably my older sister. The 1997-born singer then went on to share how he always admired and looked up to his older sister as a role model.

I think growing up, he was like my biggest inspiration. You know how little sisters admire their older sisters, right? said Rose.

Besides, it seems like Rosé gets a lot of love for fashion and style from her older sister. Like the other siblings, Rosé told the audience how she used to steal her sister’s clothes.

I used to always steal his clothes and he wanted to kill me. He would give me a death stare and I wanted to run away, he said. Now, Rosé’s sister is one of the most supportive figures in her career as a BLACKPINK member.