“This is a fraudulent contract” BTS V, even his soul was robbed..Park Seo-joon also declared giving up business (‘Seojin’)


[OSEN=Reporter Kim Chae-yeon] ‘Seojin’s’, which is in a booming period, takes a sudden brake.

In tvN’s ‘Seojin’s (directed by Na Young-seok, Jang Eun-jung)’, which airs on the 17th, a material shortage crisis blows for the first time in history due to overflowing orders. The unexpected material exhaustion embarrasses the president, Lee Seo-jin, and is arousing interest by saying that the complaints of the employees who have been busy working without blinking are increasing.

On the third day of business, the main event of the weekend, waiting customers line up at Seojin’s, which is full of customers. In addition, the prepared half and half hot dog ingredients run out, embarrassing Lee Seo-jin. Tteokbokki and seasoned chicken may also have to close in about an hour after opening for dinner because there are not much left.

[Photo] OSEN DB.

[Photo] OSEN DB.

In particular, the heart of Park Seo-joon, who is in charge of various menus, becomes more urgent. Park Seo-joon, who was boiling the ordered ramen, preparing half-and-half hot dog ingredients on skewers, digesting additional orders, and running all over the back kitchen, said, “I have to go home tomorrow. I can’t do it,” he says, causing a salty feeling.

In a store that had a busier day than ever before, amidst the cries of tired employees, V, an intern of BTS with a soul-robbed expression, said, “I’m going to Korea. This is a fraudulent contract. A fraudulent contract.” On the other hand, Lee Seo-jin, who appeared after completing the sales settlement in the hall, has unusual dimples on his face, raising expectations that he may have achieved the target sales in pesos.

In addition, Lee Seo-jin, who saw the staff’s devastated state, abolished the ‘no holiday policy’ that he had been insisting on after much thought and declared a rest for a day. As a result, the story of the holiday when employees who are away from work enjoy leisure and healing separately and together is revealed.

You can check how different employees spend their days off on tvN’s ‘Seojin’s’, which airs at 8:50 pm on Friday the 17th.