This First Man movie will shake emotions and leave audiences holding their breath


In addition, the dramatic musical scoring also adds to the level of tension. In essence, this First Man “Kamen Rider Revice” film will shake emotions and make the audience hold their breath. In fact, there are certain scenes that will make us shed tears.

But, unfortunately, in addition to the various praises, First Man also invites controversy. Because it “Tinh Thần Biến” doesn’t show the scene when Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin planted the American flag on the Moon. Politicians and President Donald Trump have criticized it: First Man has been accused of being an anti-American film.

However, even so, producer “Boruto” Wyck Godfrey immediately denied the allegations. According to him, director Damien Chazelle deliberately did not show the scene of the American flag planting on the Moon in this First Man film. Because he just wanted to focus on Neil Armstrong’s character and his emotional journey.

For Damien Chazelle, First Man is not a film about the “Em Là Niềm Kiêu Hãnh Của Anh” first man to land on the Moon, but about someone who is struggling to return to Earth. This film is a film about a man who is looking for his identity. Who is strengthening his faith. To make history. And achieve his “Only Murders in the Building” dream.

The myth of the Yeti has been known for a long time. The white-haired giant has become a fairy tale that has been told from generation to generation. In fact, not a few who “Shang-Chi và huyền thoại Thập Luân” believe in its existence. In Nepal. And big feet. aka bigfoot.

The myth about the Yeti was later raised by director “Harry Potter 4” Karey Kirkpatrick into an animated comedy film. It’s called Smallfoot. Yeti character, in fact, has often appeared in various films and books. However, Smallfoot raises a different point of view from previous similar films. Because, this time, it was the Yeti who told the story about humans.

With a duration of about 96 minutes, the story of the film Smallfoot is adapted from the book “Cua lại vợ bầu” Yeti Tracks. By Sergio Pablos. Yang is a Spanish animator and screenwriter.

Which, it is said, lives in a Yeti village. Which is located in the ice mountains. Its height exceeds the “The Suicide Squad 2″ level of the clouds. Migo is the son of a gong beater named Dorgle (Danny DeVito).

Once upon a time, it is said, accidentally, Migo saw an alien creature, aka a human, who fell from the sky (airplane). By using a parachute. Then plunged under the clouds. Migo then told it to the residents in his village. However, none of the other Yetis believed it. According to them, humans are just legends. aka myth. They refer to humans as smallfoot. aka little legged creature. Migo, who remained convinced of what he had seen, was then exiled. If he wants “Blood Red Sky” to be accepted back by the people in his village, he must prove: That what he said about smallfoot is true.