They auctioned Maradona’s shirt and it became the most expensive in the world, how much did it cost?

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The whole world of football is focused on what happens in the semifinals of the Uefa Champions League, since last Tuesday the Liverpool of Colombian Luis Díaz, who was even the figure of the commitment, qualified for the grand final.

In addition, this Wednesday, May 4, two great teams will measure strength in the second leg, Real Madrid and Manchester City. The first leg ended 4 goals to 3 in favor of the English, so the match that will be played at the Santiago Bernabéu stadium promises several emotions.

With the latent concentration in this defining phase of the Champions League, fans of this sport do not want to miss anything and therefore, the preview of this duel has been in a disturbing way in every place on the planet.

However, while this continental tournament monopolizes all the spotlights; in London, an auction was taking place.

Nothing more and nothing less many people were fighting to get hold of the shirt that Diego Armando Maradona wore in the quarterfinal match of the World Cup in Mexico 86 ‘against England.

With this, ‘Pelusa’ scored the famous goal called ‘The Hand of God’ and the goal that would become the best in World Cup history, ‘The goal of the century’.

In this match, Argentina would end up defeating the English team 2 goals for 0 and would advance to the semifinals of the orbital event where they faced a Belgium that they would also leave on the road. Finally, the albiceleste would play the grand final against Federal Germany and would beat it 3-2 to become champion.

After the meeting between the squad led by Carlos Salvador Bilardo and the European eleventh, Maradona changed his shirt with the English footballer Steve Hodge, who they even tried to buy it from on more than one occasion, but his response was always negative.

In this sense, and with respect to the aforementioned auction that was carried out after two weeks of waiting since the event began to be executed on April 20, 2022, it was defined with around 10 consecutive offers in the moments.

The first offer from the beginning was 4 million pounds, about 5 million dollars. However, almost at the close of the auction, the offer was raised to 4.2 million pounds. But just five minutes before the event ended, there was a flurry of offers that impressed everyone present.

They increased the offers in a rapid series; 4.5 million was offered , then 4.8, then it went up to 5, immediately it went to 5.5 and stopped at 6 million .

However, almost at the last minute, a definite offer occupied the full attention of all the people who were in the place. 7,142,500 million pounds sterling, that is, a little more than 9 million dollars, a historical figure for a sports garment, in this case, football.

Diego Armando Maradona passed away in November 2020 and without a doubt everything he did when he was a professional footballer; Both with the Argentine national team and in the clubs in which he was, he marked a before and after in football.

The current record for the sale of a sports accessory prior to this auction was a New York Yankees baseball jersey worn by Babe Ruth in 1928 – 1930, which sold for $5.64 million in 2019.