These Korean Drama Artists Get A Big Scandal in 2021, There’s Kim Seon Ho


Throughout 2021, not a few Korean drama artists were dragged into scandals. Starting from bullying by a number of artists and most recently there was a forced abortion scandal by actor Kim Seon Ho .

Here we summarize the row of Korean artists who were hit by a scandal this year. Keep scrolling , ok


1. Ji Soo got caught in a bullying case that made him leave the drama and the agency
Actor Ji Soo was hit by a bullying case that he had done during school. The case began when there was an anonymous upload claiming to be Ji Soo’s middle school friend from 2006 to 2008. The anonymous writer said that Ji Soo was nothing more than a violent perpetrator.

As a result of the upload, Ji Soo admitted his actions and apologized. As a result, Ji Soo was kicked out of the cast of the drama River Where the Moon Rises. The drama production party replaced Ji Soo, re-filmed, and deleted his appearance in this KBS2 drama.

Ji Soo also left the KeyEast Entertainment agency. Apart from bullying, Ji Soo was also hit by rumors of sexual harassment, which he denied.

2. APRIL’s Naeun who was hit by bullying issues left the drama Taxi Driver
Naeun, who is a member of APRIL, was also hit by the bullying scandal she committed against Hyunjoo, a former fellow member. This case was uncovered by someone claiming to be Hyunjoo’s brother. The post stated that Hyunjoo was bullied by APRIL members since his trainee days .

This post was denied by Naeun and the agency DSP Media. As a result, Naeun left as an actor in the drama Taxi Driver. The drama production also replaced Naeun and re-filmed.


3. Park Hye Soo was dragged into a bullying case which resulted in the drama Dear M not airing until now
Park Hye Soo also stumbled upon a bullying case. Netizens claimed to have been bullied and bullied by Park Hye Soo and his gang during middle school.

This rumor was denied by the agency and the actress herself. Park Hye Soo said that she had been the victim of bullying by a writer who claimed to be a victim.

Korean media Dispatch intervened to uncover the case of Park Hye Soo by revealing evidence of conversations and interviews with two ‘victims’ of bullying. In its report, Dispatch said, the first ‘victim’ still frequently communicated with Park Hye Soo after graduating from high school. Meanwhile, the second ‘victim’ said that fights in middle school were commonplace.

As a result of this rumor, the drama Dear M , starring Park Hye Soo and NCT’s Jaehyun, has been postponed until now.

4. Kim Jung Hyun was involved in dating issues, left the agency, and dragged the name of actress Seo Ye Ji
Kim Jung Hyun is also a hot topic of conversation. The issue began when Kim Jung Hyun was seen spending time with Seo Ji Hye, his co-star in the drama Crash Landing on You. This dating issue was dismissed by both parties. Seo Ji Hye’s agency said it was discussing an exclusive contract with Kim Jung Hyun.

The issue continued when Kim Jung Hyun was sued by his former agency due to contract issues. Kim Jung Hyun’s contract period was supposed to end in 2021. However, the former agency did not accept it because Kim Jung Hyun had been on leave for health reasons in mid 2018 to 2019. In September, it was revealed that Kim Jung Hyun officially joined the J Story agency which oversees the actress. Kim Tae Hee.

It didn’t stop here, Kim Jung Hyun’s rude attitude towards his co-star in the drama Time , SNSD’s Seohyun, at the 2018 press conference resurfaced. He is said to have a problem with his ex-girlfriend, who later found out that the figure was Seo Ye Ji.

Thanks to this series of cases, Kim Jung Hyun wrote a letter of apology to the public, including the crew, as well as Seohyun.

6. Seo Ye Ji was dragged into the Kim Jung Hyun scandal, did not attend the press conference for the film Recalled, and resigned from the drama Island
Actress Seo Ye Ji’s name was dragged into the Kim Jung Hyun case. At that time, Dispatch revealed evidence of conversations that suggested he was a possessive lover. Seo Ye Ji’s agency, Gold Medalist, stated that it was just ordinary jealousy between two people who were dating.

Seo Ye Ji was also caught in a bullying case. However, this was denied by the agency. After his name was dragged, Seo Ye Ji did not attend the press conference for his latest film, Recalled. He also stepped down from the cast of the Island drama .