These are the Important Moments in the Love Story of Boa Hancock and Luffy!


For One Piece fans , you should know Boa Hancock . He is an individual from the shichibukai (“Seven Warlords of the Sea”) just as the captain of a privateer named Kuja situated in the Calm Belt, Amazon Lily kingdom.

Perhaps, some of you think of the privateer sovereign as your waifu . You’re not off-base. Past her excellence that makes men in the sea entranced, Boa Hancock has amazing person advancement . Additionally, he is said to have a love for Luffy.

Boa Hancock is viewed as the most delightful lady in the realm of One Piece . She is nicknamed the privateer sovereign who has the force of “Mero no Mi”, a Paramecia-type fallen angel natural product that turns other individuals to stone on the off chance that they have energy or feelings for the client.

Lamentably, he is currently at this point not a shichibukai after the result of the Reverie meeting chose to cancel the framework. This makes Hancock and the Kuja privateers lose their advantages and become criminals.

In view of the important job of Boa Hancock’s part in One Piece , how about we take a gander at the important moments in her love story with Luffy.

Boa Hancock’s Moment With Luffy

Amazon Lily Arc (scenes: 408-417)

Luffy initially met Boa Hancock toward the finish of scene 411 or toward the beginning of scene 412, three to four days after Bartholomew Kuma sent Luffy flying to Amazon Lily. Obviously this is all without the information on the privateer sovereign.

Initially Boa Hancock was not on the island since she was sailing with all her team. They experienced a Marine boat drove by Vice Admiral Momonga.

The Marines let Hancock know that the individuals from the shichibukai are brought in to prepare for the upcoming conflict against the Whitebeard Pirates on the grounds that there will be the execution of Portgas D. Pro.

Nonetheless, Hancock denied, stating that she would not comply with the World Government. At the point when Momonga took steps to repudiate Hancock’s position in the event that he didn’t satisfy the request, Hancock additionally gave a counterfeit reason. The Marine group strangely goes to stone.

Subsequent to returning to Amazon Lily, quick version, she met Luffy coincidentally while Hancock was taking a shower. There Luffy saw a tattoo on Hancock’s back which he had seen previously.

From the start, Hancock truly detested men, then rebuffed Luffy for being viewed as an intruder. Luffy was finally positioned in the fight arena and battled Boa Sandersonia and Boa Marigold who was his sister.

Quick version, in the wake of seeing Luffy’s solidarity and kindness subsequent to being tried by Boa Hancock, he liquefied and experienced love ailment . Hancock began to have a fever since she considered Luffy, and this is the place where the privateer sovereign began to love the future privateer king.

Incite Down Arc (Episode: 422-425)

At the point when the plot needed to enter the Impel Down Arc, there was an amusing incident when Boa Hancock attempted to conceal Luffy in her shirt in scene 417 in light of the fact that there was an inspection by the naval force.

In the Impel down bend, the second begins in scene 422. Here Boa Hancock who is as yet a shichibukai assists Luffy with Impel Down to telling Ace that Luffy will save him. An amusing incident happened when Hancock was thrilled when Luffy nearly got her name right.

Marineford Arc (Episodes: 457-489)

In the fight against the naval force to save Ace, Boa Hancock joined to help Luffy. Hancock had the opportunity to battle Smoker for Luffy who was being kept from saving Ace.

Then, Hancock gave him the way in to Ace’s handcuffs that he had escaped no place. An amusing second happened when Luffy embraced Hancock with appreciation which made the privateer sovereign practically faint with euphoria.

Post War Arc (Episodes: 490-491)

In the post conflict circular segment , Boa Hancock looks extremely stressed over Luffy’s condition, which is dying after the conflict to save his brother Ace at Marineford. Finally Hancock, Trafalgar Law, and Jinbei went to Amazon Lily to mend Luffy.

One Piece, 3D2Y (2014)

One Piece 3D2Y is a unique TV program from One Piece and isn’t a piece of the film . The plot in this story happens during a delay, unequivocally when Luffy vows to become more grounded and does training with Rayleigh who is the group of the previous ocean king Gol D. Roger.

Get back to Sabaody Arc (Episode: 517-522)

The Return to Sabody curve is the beginning of the Straw Hat privateer team reuniting subsequent to being isolated for a very long time for training. Hancock and her brother take Luffy to Sabaody Island.

Toward the finish of the curve , scene 522, Hancock endeavored to save Luffy and his team from a naval force transport that was chasing the Straw Hats.

Cidre Guild Arc (scene: 895-896)

In scene 895, Hancock acknowledges an invitation to the Pirate Festival, and in transit there, she stops by an island with Sandersonia, Marigold, and Nyon to scrub down.

Amazingly, Luffy drooped into a water channel and appeared to the fountain where Boa Hancock was bathing. This is the second time Luffy has met Hancock in the shower.