These are the 7 most popular superhero Superman powers around the world that are interesting to know


Superman is the most popular superhero around the world. Already present in the world of comics since 1938, Superman is one of the oldest superheroes ever. Its popularity has never faded thanks to a series of comics with captivating stories.

Even though he often fails in his appearances in films, the names of the actors who have played Superman will always be remembered. Having a big enemy in Lex Luthor, the fight between them seems to never end.

To fight all his enemies, Superman has many super powers. Since he wasn’t from Earth, his strength was barely any match. What powers does Superman have? Check out the following article which will provide in-depth facts about Superman’s powers.

1. Has Super Powers
As the name implies, it’s clear that Superman has super strength that exceeds any human in this world. On the cover of the first issue of Action Comics, Superman is depicted lifting a car above his head. In the film Superman Returns (2006), Superman is able to stop a plane from crashing into the middle of a baseball field.

With this power, Superman is also able to bend and break steel with ease. In some of his comic stories, Superman has also shifted planets from their orbits. He can also break thick rocks by squeezing his hands into pieces.

2. Strong and Invulnerable Body
Since his first appearance in the inaugural issue of Action Comics, published in June 1938, Superman has had a very strong body. He is even immune to various objects shot at him, such as a bullet fired from a gun will bounce off his body.

Even in the continuation of comic stories, such as in Kingdom Come which was published in 1996, even a nuclear bomb cannot injure his body. In the early stories, this immunity to his body is thanks to a costume made of a unique material that only exists on Planet Krypton, so it is not easily damaged every time Superman acts.

But in recent stories, especially after the Man of Steel comic that was published in 1986, Superman’s body has its own aura that makes it so that no matter what type of clothing he wears will not be damaged. So it doesn’t matter if he acts without wearing his great costume.

3. Flying at High Speed
“Look, up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a Plane! It’s Superman!” This sentence is very often said in films and series about Superman. Usually spoken by small children or crowds of people who see Superman flying in the sky. This popular sentence was first introduced in the series Adventures of Superman (1952-1958).

Even though at the beginning of the story, Superman is told he can’t fly. He could only run fast and jump high. All sourced from the speed and strength of the body it has.

Superman is told to be able to fly in the second episode of the radio series in 1940. The stages of Superman learning his flying abilities are depicted in the film Man of Steel (2013).

Superman can fly at high speed. He can exceed the speed of sound, even in some stories he can exceed the speed of light while flying across various galaxies.

Even in the film Superman (1978), the speed of flying around the Earth counterclockwise can make time repeat itself. He did this to restore Lois Lane’s life.

4. Getting X Rays Out of His Eyes
Superman can emit X-rays from his eyes that allow him to see through walls or rooms. This ability is very useful for catching criminals who are hiding or objects that are considered suspicious.

But there are some materials that can block these X-rays, such as lead. This power was only introduced in the 11th issue of Action Comics (1939).

Superman’s eyes can also emit heat rays that can melt steel. He gains this power by increasing the intensity of the X-rays from his eyes so that they emit light at high temperatures.

This ability is often referred to in comics as “heat vision” and was only introduced in the 59th issue of the Superman comic (1949).

5. Hearing with a Wide Frequency
Superman can hear sounds that are inaccessible to normal human hearing. This he can do because he has the power to expand the frequency of his hearing. He usually uses this super hearing when tracking down Lois Lane who is often kidnapped by her enemies.

In the film Superman Returns (2006), Superman often flies into space to hear various sounds from Earth. If he hears a suspicious sound, like someone asking for help, Superman goes straight to the source of the sound. This is Superman’s way of knowing a plane is about to crash with Lois Lane in it.

6. Cold Breath
Superman also has the power of his breath, either inhaling or exhaling air. He can hold his breath for a long time when in water or in outer space. Gusts of wind from its mouth can also overturn large objects, such as cars or tanks.

This power was only shown in the 20th edition of Action Comics (1940). With this breath too, Superman can freeze objects or his enemies. The power called “freeze breath” was shown in the 129th edition of the Superman comic (1959).

7. Fortress of Solitude
The Fortress of Solitude is a place for Superman to learn his identity, insight, powers and purpose for being on Earth. At first he came to this place to hear advice from his father, Jor-El, who appeared like an interactive film recording.

Each rod or piece of crystal holds all the knowledge Superman needs to navigate life among humanity.

When troubled or heavy on the mind, Superman comes to this place to contemplate and hear back the recorded lectures from his father. This is where he gathered motivation or find solutions.

In the comics, the location of the Fortress of Solitude varies from time to time. At least four locations have been described, namely in Antarctica, the Andes Mountains, the Amazon Forest and buildings outside the city of Metropolis. But in the film, the Fortress of Solitude is shown to be in Antarctica.

That’s the power possessed by Superman which he often shows in comics, TV series and movies. According to an explanation in the first edition of Action Comics (1938), this power possessed by Superman is a common thing that is shared by everyone on Planet Krypton.

This is because the alien species on the planet already have more advanced knowledge than humanity.

Later in its development, in the 146th edition of the Superman comic (1961), Superman’s power comes from the sun shining on the Earth. And this ray makes the bodies of the Kryptonians strong beyond human strength in general.

This sunlight effect was further clarified in the 300th edition of Action Comics (1963), that what makes Superman’s strength great is the yellow sunlight.

If the light is red, it will make him weak and become an ordinary human. Because light like this is similar to the sun that illuminates Planet Krypton first.

With all the power he has, Superman has promised to always protect Earth and mankind from various disturbances, such as acts of crime or attacks from alien beings. Superman’s adventures are still not over. The comics are still being published and plans for a film from DC Studios are being developed in a new universe format.