These are the 7 Best Mothers from the Gundam Series according to the Gundam Survey. Info


Most Gundam series connoisseurs seem to have already guessed the answer to the question above, but I’m sure you all may still be curious about who the best mothers in the Gundam series are! Although many Gundam series do not feature a mother figure because of the loner pilot factor, or maybe because many mothers have to end tragically in the series.

Here are the 7 best mothers according to a poll conducted by with a total of 3,838 votes.

7. Hilda Bidan (Mobile Suit Gundam Zeta)

Hilda is the mother of Zeta Gundam pilot, Kamille Bidan, an official on the Titans who works because she wants to forget about her husband having an affair. In an attempt to reclaim the Gundam MkII stolen by Quattro and Kamille, Hilda and her husband are taken hostage, put in a capsule and thrown into space. But unfortunately, his fate ended after the capsule was shot by Jerid.

6. Marina Asuno (Mobile Suit Gundam AGE)

The mother of Flit Asuno, who only appears occasionally because Flit was traumatized when his house was destroyed by Vegan, is not the mother who has the most screen time (then again, it is rare for a mother to get a lot of screen time in a Gundam film), but surely many remember her because of Flit who keeps having these flashbacks. His role in providing Flit Age Device may also be one of the determinants of Marina’s position on this list.

5. Kamaria Ray (Mobile Suit Gundam)

Unfortunately I haven’t watched Gundam 0079, so I can’t really say much about Amuro Ray’s mother. If I had to choose, I would choose Beltorchika as the best mother of the UC series.

4. Monica Arno (Mobile Suit Gundam F-91)

The mother of Seabook Arno is the maker of the Biocomputer system in the F91, but unfortunately because she prefers work over family, this makes Seabook have a negative opinion of her.

3. Muller Miguel (Mobile Suit Gundam Victory)

It’s unfortunate that this mother who became the mother of Usso Ewin, was created in a series that said when Tomino was under stress and killed many of his characters (well, we know Tomino likes to kill his characters anyway), Muller’s death became one of the most terrible for me. He died from a warship explosion decapitating him while being rescued by Usso.

Fortunately, the Gundam Build Fighters series features a cameo of Usso looking happy with his family, which made me a little touched when I saw him.

2. Mirai Noa / Mirai Yashima (Mobile Suit Gundam / Mobile Suit Gundam: Char’s Counter Attack)

The wife of Bright Noa who was once a member of the Whitebase crew is the mother of Hathaway Noa, or later known as Mafty Navue, the pilot of the Xi Gundam.

1. Rinko Iori (Gundam Build Fighters)

Who else is the most suitable besides Rinko, the mother of Sei Iori who is expressive and very motherly when compared to the list of mothers above who could be the best candidate in this category. Apart from exuding a very attractive ‘adult’ aura, he is also a fan favorite and this is the main reason to watch this series * hands up *.

But apart from Rinko as the reason, Gundam Build Fighters itself is a series that is very fun to watch and suitable to be enjoyed by various groups.SoulgainStar Build Strike will leave you stunned and shed manly tears every time he does

Of course, apart from the mothers above, there are many other candidates who seem to be one of the best mothers. For example, the mother of Kio Asuno, Romary who is no less beautiful than other mothers. There’s also Linda Vashti, the mother of Mileina Vashti who appeared in the Gundam 00 series.

I’m still confused about what is the benchmark for the “best mother” of the Gundam series because it seems that there are other better candidates, even though they are not the mothers of Gundam pilots. But luckily no one included Setsuna’s mother. F. Seiei to the list, because if his words “Ore wa Gandamu” are true, maybe his mother is really in a rage.