These 7 Korean Movies Can Relieve Stress, The Story is Really Funny!


The South Korean entertainment industry is not only filled with quality dramas that have many fans, the movies published are also of no less quality. Including comedy genre movies that can relieve stress and eliminate overthinking .

For those of you who need funny and entertaining movies, you can watch the eight Korean movie recommendations below. Curious? Here’s the reference.

1. Hot Young Bloods (2014)
Who doesn’t like romantic comedy genre movies? Stories about romance spiced with funny scenes can certainly improve your mood . Hot Young Bloods is one of the fun and entertaining romantic comedy genre movies.

Set in 1980, this movie tells the story of the love and friendship of four high school students who are funny and full of conflict. Starring top actresses and actors such as Park Bo Young, Lee Jong Suk, Kim Young Kwang, and Lee Se Young, making this movie a pity to pass up.

2. Midnight Runners (2017)
Midnight Runners is a movie from South Korea with an action and comedy genre. Filled by two well-known actors, namely Park Seo Joon and Kang Ha Neul.

This movie tells the story of two young men who meet while studying in the police force. They also make friends, even though they have very different characters. As time goes by, they are faced with a complicated case. Curious about the fate of these two friends? You can watch this movie to the end, yes!

3. Love 911 (2012)
Love 911 is an old romantic comedy movie that is fun to listen to. Starring charming actress Han Hyo Joo who is paired with charismatic actor Go Soo.

Starting from an accidental meeting between Kang Il (Go Soo) a firefighter and Mi Soo (Han Hyo Joo) a doctor who has made mistakes at work. Because of this incident, Mi Soo tries to persuade Kang Il to help save his career. This movie is a must for you to watch.

4. Extreme Job (2019)
movies with the theme of detectives are always interesting to watch. One of the movies that tells about detectives, namely Extreme Job , has an action and comedy genre .

Tells the story of five detectives who are assigned to complete an important mission, namely to supervise international drug groups. They had to snoop on the chicken restaurant, as a location they had to keep an eye on. They then disguised themselves as employees at a chicken restaurant. Watching this movie successfully made you laugh out loud.

5. Mission: Possible (2021)
This action movie combines the comedy genre which is sure to be entertaining. Played by actor Kim Young Kwang and actress Lee Sun Bin who work together to carry out a mission.

Tells the story of Yoo Da Hee (Lee Sun Bin) a secret agent from China who is assigned to smuggle large amounts of weapons into South Korea. Then he works with Woo Soo Han (Kim Young Kwang), but it turns out that Soo Han is not the person Da Hee should be working with. They also went through various stressful situations.

6. The Odd Family: Zombie On Sale (2019)
Zombie movies are not only packed with terrible stories. However, the undead plague comedy genre is no less interesting to watch.

In the movie The Odd Family: Zombie On Sale, tells the story of Man Deok’s family who live in the countryside. One day, a zombie bites Man Deok. Surprisingly, the old Man Deok actually returned like a virgin again. Hearing this, the villagers flocked to want to be bitten by zombies. Seeing this opportunity, Man Deok’s family actually opened tariffs for anyone who wanted to be bitten by zombies.

7. Hitman: Agent Jun (2020)
Lastly, there is the hit movie : Agent Jun (2020) which is no less hilarious. Action and comedy genre, this movie tells the story of a hitman named Joon (Kwon Sang-woo) who has a dream of becoming a comic artist. To achieve his dream, he faked his death and lived his day as an ordinary person. However, his comics are not much in demand.

The seven movie recommendations above, can be movie recommendations that churned the stomach and made you laugh out loud. Very suitable to watch to relieve stress. Enjoy watching!