These 7 K-Pop Idols Get the Nickname ‘It Girl’, Icons of the Korean Entertainment World


The nickname “It Girl” is usually given to K-Pop idols who have a variety of charms to achieve extraordinary popularity. By utilizing their talents and charms, idols with these nicknames can have a great influence among the general public over time.

Idols with the nickname “It Girl” are usually known individually until everything about them is in the spotlight. They dominate the fields of music, fashion , acting, and advertising well.

Of the popular artists in South Korea, this row of idols earned the nickname thanks to their fame.

1. Wonyoung IVE
Although he has not debuted for a long time, Wonyoung has become one of the most popular K-Pop idols in the fourth generation since his debut with IZ*ONE. After the group disbanded, he developed his career as an idol by becoming a vocalist for IVE.

There are many reasons why Wonyoung is so popular, such as his visuals, body proportions, charisma, and talent. All of these things are considered to be an attraction that makes the public cannot stop discussing its advantages. Therefore, he also has many individual projects thanks to his popularity.

Jennie is known as a rapper who can show a cool, calm, and elegant image when appearing on stage. He was famous before his debut, even trending on Naver and Twitter after performing “Black” on Inkigayo . Apart from music, the idol has been growing in popularity in the fashion world .

Jennie has a great influence among the general public. The items he had worn had become a trend, ranging from hair pins to coats. Therefore, he also had time to work with a number of fashion brands as a brand ambassador .

3. Irene Red Velvet

Besides being known as the “Queen of Commercials”, Irene also received the nickname “It Girl” from the public. She is recognized as the best female idol of the third generation. His personality also attracts attention, because he has a caring attitude towards others even though he seems shy and mysterious.

Irene is not only known for her visuals, because she also has a myriad of talents that make her often attract attention. He is also popular individually because he has starred in the music videos of his seniors, acted in dramas as well as films, and often starred in advertisements for well-known brands.

4. Nayeon TWICE
Nayeon is admired for her charm that fits every concept and her extraordinary variety of talents. He is a center with sweet visuals, a melodious singer, and a dominant dancer on stage. Naturally, if he is even called representing his group as the face of the group.

The owner of the real name Im Na Yeon has also been introduced by JYP Entertainment before debut, considering his impressive potential on the Sixteen program . Although he hasn’t had many individual activities yet, he still manages to maintain his popularity as an influential idol . His solo debut on June 24 is also greeted with positive reactions from many people, you know.

5. Hwasa MAMAMOO

Hwasa began to go viral in various circles after the moment when she ate gopchang on the I Live Alone program was broadcast. Since then, he has won many awards thanks to variety shows such as Best Rookie and Excellence Award from the MBC Entertainment Awards.

The influence of Hwasa’s popularity is evident from the various products she uses which sell out in a short time. In the field of music, he has released various solo works that are no less interesting because his songs are always full of meaning.

6. Bae Suzy

Bae Suzy is one of the legendary “It Girl” in the K-Pop industry. His worldwide influence has been immense, in his fashion, music, solo and acting careers. He is also a commercial star who can attract attention with his visuals.

Suzy became popular since starring in the drama Dream High in 2011. Her name is increasingly recognized after she starred in films and dramas to show her acting talent. Over time, he won many awards that appreciated his hard work.

7. Seolhyun AOA

Seolhyun earned the nickname “Nation’s It Girl” thanks to her unique visual and is considered to have broken the standard of beauty. She is always chosen as a model and commercial star, earning an amazing individual income every year.

Despite being an idol of the second generation, Seolhyun’s popularity has not faded until now. He began to actively show his expertise in the field of acting by starring in a number of famous dramas, you know.

Various activities and the latest facts about idols above are always in the spotlight. Not always profitable, because they also get hate comments more often for trivial reasons as a result of the envy of others.