These 6 Best Successful and Popular Korean Drama Script Writers


In addition to actors and actresses with attractive facial features and supportive acting skills, the success of Korean dramas is also determined by the scriptwriter. The Korean drama script writer or his nickname “writernim” is one of the important role holders of the success or failure of the release of a Korean drama/film. Maybe, some of the famous Korean dramas that you watch are the work of this writer.

This is a row of the best Korean drama script writers that you need to know
The scriptwriter of the drakor (Korean drama) is tasked with creating story ideas and dialogues so that the plot of the story can be enjoyed and conveyed well by the audience. There are even some writernims who are considered very popular, so when one of the dramas will be released the audience will be really waiting for it.

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Curious who are the best Korean drama script writers with this high drama rating. Come on, see the review here.

1. Lee Woo Jung
Who does not know one of the popular Korean dramas Reply 1988? During the release period until now, many viewers still fail to move on with the story plot of the drakor which tells about the life of the Ssangmundong Squad. Reply 1988 and other Reply series (Reply 1997, Reply 1994) are the result of script writing from writer-nim Lee Woo Jung.

Lee Woo Jung is known for his simple, warm and family script writing and dialogue. Of course, very relatable to the lives of people in general. In addition to the Reply series, Woo Jung also made popular Korean drama scripts Prison Playbook and Hospital Playlist.

Not only Korean dramas, Lee Woo Jung also plays an active role in writing variety show scripts . Call it Youn’s Kitchen, New Journey To The West, and Youth Over Flowers.

2. Park Ji Eun
If you are a lover of Korean dramas with a fantasy genre that makes you have a high imagination, you must be familiar with the name Park Ji Eun. This woman who was born in 1967 has succeeded in succeeding various famous dramas with the results of her script.

Korean dramas such as My Love From The Stars, The Producers, Legend of The Blue Sea, to the most hot-topic , Crash Landing on You. There are also many Korean actresses and actors who want to work with this writernim.

3. Kim Eun Sook
When talking about the most successful Korean drama scriptwriter, the name Kim Eun Sook is definitely the most talked about. He can compose various genres of drama from fantasy, romance to thriller in script writing. Just like Park Ji Eun, many Korean actors and actresses are vying to get a role in one of the Korean dramas she worked on.

The best Korean dramas like Descendants of The Sun, Goblin, Mr. Sunshine, Secret Garden, The Heirs to The King: Eternal Monarch are some of the Korean dramas that he worked on writing the script. Still remember the 2004 romantic Korean drama Lovers in Paris which was phenomenal? The drama script was also written by Kim Eun Sook.

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4. Lee Kyung Hee
Not all Korean dramas have a sweet ending . There are also those who cry because the ending of the drama is very emotional or bittersweet . Maybe you watched one of the Korean dramas whose script was written by Lee Kyung Hee.

This woman who was born in July 1969 managed to present the melodrama genre very nicely. You can see the results of the script, which is very bittersweet and tends to have a sad ending, in the dramas Uncontrollably Fond, A Love To Kill, I’m Sorry I Love You, and The Innocent Man.

5. No Hee Kyung
You can see conflicting problems in the real world in Korean dramas whose script was written by writer-nim No Hee Kyung. The Korean dramas that he managed to succeed thanks to his script writing and dialogue are It’s Okay That’s Love, That Winter, The Wind Blows, and Worlds Within. He even won the Baeksang Arts Awards for Best Screenplay (TV) for writing the drama script Lie.

6. Kim Young Hyun
You can enjoy saeguk dramas or dramas with story plots or royal backgrounds from writer-nim Kim Young Hyun’s drakor script writing. Jewel in The Palace which is one of the most successful Korean dramas in 2003 by Kim Young Hyun. In addition, there are also Queen Seondeok and Arthadal Chronicles, starring famous Korean actors and actresses.