These 5 Korean Dramas and Movies Can Make You Miss Your Hometown


Hometown is synonymous with a calm and warm atmosphere. You may not be able to get these two things in the city, especially when you are away from your family. From now on don’t worry anymore, because you can get all that just by watching KDrama and KMovie set in the countryside.

Here are KDrama and KMovie recommendations for those of you who are looking for fresh shows. Watching it will definitely make you miss your hometown.


Canola (2016)
Canola is one of the family-themed films that can make you miss home. Not only in terms of an interesting story, Canola will also spoil your eyes with the feel of the island of Jeju. The actress who starred in this film is Kim Go Eun. He plays the role of a grandson who lives with his grandmother, Hye Choon (Youn Yuhjung) after losing his parents. Besides Kim Go Eun, there is Shinee’s Minho who also starred in this film, you know!

This film tells the story of the relationship between a grandmother and her only grandson. The two of them lived together until one day they unexpectedly separated. Twelve years later, he had a teenager who claimed to be his long lost grandson. The grandmother was happy even though she could not recognize her current grandson.


Little Forest (2018)
Little Forest is very suitable to watch for those of you who are looking for a healing movie . This film depicts life in the village in great detail. Starting from farming, cooking from harvests, to activities with childhood friends that will warm your heart while watching it. The film stars Kim Tae Ri, Ryu Jun Yeol, and Jin Ki Joo.

Tells the story of a girl who returns to her hometown after failing to get her goal in the city. He only planned to stay for a while, but over time he actually felt at home there. Although the house often reminded him of the mother who left him, he began to make peace with himself.

When the Weather is Fine (2020)
Some people decide to return to the village to escape the harsh reality of the city. They hope to recover soon and return to life as usual. However, some of them are too comfortable and want to continue their life in the village. This is also experienced by Mok Hae Won (Park Min Young) in the drama When the Weather is Fine .

He returns to Bookhyun Village after experiencing an unpleasant incident and quits his job in Seoul. This village is where he lived when he was in high school. While there he was reunited with Eun Seob (Seo Kan Joon), his neighbor and old friend. Eun Seob lives a simple daily life, like reading books, writing blogs, relaxing by drinking coffee. All that was done by him in his bookstore, Goodnight Bookstore.

Forest (2020)
Forest tells the story of an accidental meeting between an ambitious investment director and a doctor in a mysterious forest. After that meeting, they also accidentally live together. Interestingly, this drama does not only feature love stories. But it also raises the issue of mental health, you know! Because the two main characters are depicted trying to recover from past trauma.

This drama is worth watching, because it has an interesting story to follow. The cinematography doesn’t disappoint either. The expanse of green scenery displayed throughout the drama can make your heart calm. Park Hae Jin and Jo Bo Ah were lined up as the main actors of this drama. Promising enough, huh!

Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha (2021)
Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha is one of the most popular country-themed dramas so far. Even Gongjin Village, which was the location of the filming, suddenly became a tourist spot. Not only stunning in terms of place, this drama also raises a sweet story about love and the warmth of family.

This romance drama tells the story of Yoon Hye Jin (Shin Min Ah), a dentist who moves to Gongjin Village. He decided to open a dental clinic there after leaving his job in Seoul. There he meets Hong Doo Sik (Kim Seon Ho). Although an unemployed person, he has various licenses. He was even always busy and became the mainstay of Gongjin residents.

Those are the five KDrama and KMovie that can make you miss your hometown. In addition to an interesting story, players with amazing acting, the cinematography won’t disappoint you either!