These 5 Hollywood Artists Say They Hate Doing Sex Scenes


A Hollywood artist must be able to be professional in playing a role in every project. That is, they must be willing or dare to do various scenes according to the wishes of the director for the sake of the film. This of course includes sex scenes that sometimes require them to appear without a single piece of clothing .

As a professional actress, they also usually do the scene with a very total. However, behind the totality, there are some of them who really hate doing a sex scene for various reasons, either because they feel uncomfortable or forced. In fact, there are Hollywood artists who cry because they hate sex scenes.

Hollywood actress who hates sex scenes
1. Ruth Wilson

Ruth Wilson’s name as a Hollywood artist began to soar when playing as Alison Bailey in the series The Affair since 2015. However, in the fourth season of The Affair , the character suddenly died. Well, reportedly the reason for the death of Alison Bailey in the series The Affair has something to do with Ruth Wilson who refuses to do sex scenes as the character.

In a number of previous seasons, Wilson was quite often doing sex scenes to the naked though as Alison Bailey. However, in the fourth season, the number of nude and sexual scenes involving Wilson reportedly became much more.

Wilson, who didn’t really feel comfortable with the scene from the start, also refused to do it. Moreover, a number of these scenes are reportedly very insignificant and unrelated to the story, aka just a sweetener. As a result, Wilson decided to step down from his role as Alison Bailey and his character died in the fourth season of the series.

2. Salma Hayek
Salam Hayek was famous as one of Hollywood’s “sex bomb” artists in the early 2000s. However, who would have thought that the actress, who recently starred in the film Eternals (2021), actually hated doing a sex scene. Yep, in fact this happened when Hayek had to do a sex scene with Antonio Banderas in the film Desperado (1995).

Reportedly the sex scene involving Hayek and Banderas was not originally in the script, but was the idea of ​​Robert Rodriguez as the director while on the set. This is what makes Hayek hesitate to do the sex scene. However, as a professional actress, Hayek finally agreed to do the scene, especially Hayek is also close friends with the director.

Even so, Hayek reportedly still felt very embarrassed when he had to take off all his clothes to perform the sex scene in front of many people. So embarrassed, Hayek even admitted that he kept crying during the shooting of the sex scene.

3. Emilia Clarke

For those of you who watch Game of Thrones , of course you are familiar with this Daenerys Targaryen actor, right? Yep, Emilia Clarke. Throughout her appearance, Clarke is quite often involved in sex scenes naked as Daenerys. As a newcomer actress, the sex scenes that take place in a popular series can be said to immediately raise Clarke’s prestige.

However, Clarke has openly said that she absolutely hates the sex scenes in Game of Thrones . According to him, his experience of doing the scene made him feel very uncomfortable and “scary” because it was witnessed by many people. Moreover, his sex scene in Game of Thrones is the first time Clarke has done a sensual scene in his career.

His bad experience while filming sex scenes in Game of Thrones also made Clarke finally refuse the offer to become the main player in the erotic film series Fifty Shades of Grey . You see, Clarke doesn’t want herself to be famous as an actress who is “hooked” to do sex scenes while naked.

4. Helen Mirren
At the beginning of her career, actress Helen Mirren often appeared naked in a number of her films. Mirren is even famous as one of the British actresses who will not think twice when she gets a share to do adult scenes in a film. However, despite the views of many people against him, Mirren turns out to be uncomfortable and hates every sex scene he has ever done.

The reason why Mirren wants to do the sex scene is actually quite simple. You see, do not want to be considered as an actress who is too rigid at the beginning of her career in the world of acting, even though she really hates the sensual scene. Mirren now reportedly admits he regrets it , because he is more famous as an actress with a reputation for often nude scenes.

5. Maria Schneider

The factors that make Maria Schneider hate sex scenes are more severe than a number of Hollywood artists on this list. You see, the reason is because Schneider was traumatized after playing the rape scene in the film Last Tango in Paris (1972) when he was 19 years old.

Schneider reportedly did not know that he would be involved in a rape scene with actor Marlon Brando. Bernardo Bertolucci as the director of the film reportedly deliberately did not tell Schneider in order to capture the real expression of the actress. And sure enough, Schneider’s expression in that scene did look both confused and frightened.

After the scene, Schneider admitted that he immediately cried hysterically and was traumatized to the point of not wanting to do sensual scenes again in a number of subsequent projects. It is then made Last Tango in Paris became one of the most controversial films in Hollywood .