These 5 Disney Animated Movies With The Theme Of Family Relationships


Talking about animated films, of course everyone agrees that Disney’s works never fail to entertain us. Not only interesting plots and strong characters, Disney animated films are always inserted with the meaning of life that successfully makes you touch.

No wonder, his films are always a favorite of many people. Here are 5 recommended Disney animations that have a deep message about family. Anything?

Charm – 2021
Who doesn’t know the Madrigals family? Encanto is a Disney animated musical film released on November 24, 2021. Tells the story of the Madrigals, an extraordinary family who live in the deep mountains of Colombia.

Every child in the family is gifted with super powers. Only one person has no power, Mirabel Madrigal. One day, he finds the magic in Encanto weakened.

Through her adventure to save magic, Mirabel is actually brought to get to know her family members closer one by one. Relatable conflicts , ear-catching songs , and a light but warm story, this animation is suitable for watching with the family.

Onwards – 2020
Both in the fantasy genre, Onwards focuses on telling elven brothers, Ian Lightfoot and Barley Lightfoot, on their adventure to find a rare artifact to find their late father.

There are many valuable lessons that can be drawn from this story. One of them, the relationship between siblings which is described very realistically and full of emotion. Prepare tissues while watching, yes, because the story is emotional!

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Coco – 2017
Coco ‘s film takes a concept inspired by Mexico’s national celebration, Day of the Dead . A boy named Miguel accidentally goes to the underworld, where he tries to find his great-grandfather to bring him back to life while changing his family’s view of music.

This film features surprising twists , as well as a story full of emotion and learning. One of them, the importance of continuing to respect the family from generation to generation. Anyway, it’s a must watch!

Brave – 2012
The story is set in a kingdom, with our main focus being Princess Merida, a princess from the kingdom of DunBroch who is trying to “paint” her own destiny. However, with her recklessness and selfish desire to be different, Merida invites chaos by turning her mother into a bear.

Unfortunately, he himself regretted the decision. Merida tries to turn her mother back into a human. Spiced with a sprinkling of fiction, the relationship between mother and daughter is clearly depicted in this film until the ending is touching.

Frozen – 2013
Disney fans, must be familiar with this one film. With an interesting story of magic and fantasy, Frozen also provides a touching story and picture of the inner relationship of brother and sister.

Anna did not give up on her brother, even willing to sacrifice going to the forest alone in the middle of a terrible snowstorm to find her brother. With the sincerity of a brother’s love, Elsa can accept herself as she is.

Not only that, this film also features a variety of interesting musical songs that are still everyone’s favorites to this day. It’s a loss if you don’t watch!


Apart from being entertaining, animated films also carry a lot of implied messages to the audience. Of the 5 Disney films above, which is your favourite?