These 5 Anime Villains Have A Tragic Background, But Still Make You Hate


In the anime world , not all antagonist characters are always hated by fans. The reason is, there are some villain characters in anime who are only victims of the background. Characters like this usually get more sympathy and empathy from fans, rather than being hated.

Because of their outrageous crimes, the five villain characters below are still hated by fans. Although, they actually have quite tragic backgrounds.

1. Danzo Shimura (Naruto)
There is no doubt that Danzo is the most hated villain in the Naruto series . Danzo was responsible for many tragic events that occurred in Konoha, one of which was the massacre of the Uchiha clan. Danzo began to become evil because he could not overcome his fear.

When Tobirama and his army were besieged in the First Shinobi War, Danzo wanted to volunteer himself as bait so his team could escape. However, Danzo was so scared that he couldn’t say anything. Until finally Hiruzen volunteered and it made him chosen to be the next Hokage.

This finally made Danzo’s hatred of Hiruzen peak, so he did everything he could to seize Hiruzen’s position as Hokage.


2. Doflamingo Donquixote (One Piece)
Doflamingo Donquixote is the main antagonist in the Dressrosa arc as well as one of the most violent villains in the One Piece series . Despite his crimes, Doflamingo was actually born a noble.

However, one day, his father decided to give up his peerage and live as an ordinary person. This ended up making Doflamingo experience suffering that he should not have experienced. Doflamingo, who was a child at that time, saw his family being hunted down and his house burned just because his family was a former noble.

This traumatic experience eventually made Doflamingo hate humans, thus turning him into a terrible villain.


3. Envy (Fullmetal Alchemist)
Envy is one of the most violent Homunculus created by Father. Envy was responsible for Maes Hughes’ death and continued to brag about the murder to anyone who knew Hughes. Possessing abilities that humans don’t have, Envy always thinks that Homunculus is far better than humans.

Even so, Envy actually only envies humans because she was created as a Homunculus. Envy couldn’t feel what it was like to live like a human. Envy also always said that love is the source of human weakness. However, Envy is actually just jealous because she can’t feel the warmth of affection like humans in general.


4. Theo Magath (Attack on Titan)
Theo Magath is known for his discriminatory attitude towards the Eldia in Marley. Magath is also a racist, where he always looks down on the Eldians. However, this was due to his fear of Eldian’s threat.

Eldian has blood that can turn themselves into Titans. This made him fear that this power would destroy the world. His fear finally came to pass when Eren started Rumbling and crushed Marley until there was nothing left.


5. Emperor Makoto (Akame ga Kill!)
Although the Emperor is the person in charge of the empire he leads, the Emperor cannot be completely blamed for what happened in his empire. At a very young age, the Emperor had to lead a country, after his parents died suddenly.

Not knowing what to do, the Emperor simply followed what Prime Minister Honest said. Instead of advancing his country, the Emperor made his country even more degenerate. Even though he was hated for what he had done to his country, the Emperor was nothing more than an innocent child being taken advantage of by someone who was rotten.