These 4 NCT Members Are Rumored To Be Dating KPop Girlband Members

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The closeness of the NCT members and these women shows various things that netizens consider as a sign that they are in a relationship.

The K-Pop boyband from South Korea, NCT (Neo Culture Technology) made by SM Entertainment, is now increasingly popular and has many fans.

Several NCT members have been rumored to be dating KPop girl group members because they show various things that netizens consider as a sign that they are in a relationship.

Reporting from Koreaboo , here is a list of four NCT members who have been rumored to be dating KPop girl group members.

1. NCT’s Jungwoo and Karina aespa
Who would have thought that NCT’s Jungwoo and Karina Aespa were rumored to be dating. This rumor spread in late 2021 online.

A netizen made six reasons why NCT’s Jungwoo and Karina Aespa are said to be in a relationship, although the truth of these reasons is still being debated.

First, the two idols are said to have used the same acronym twice in online chat rooms.

Second, they are said to have uploaded an image of the sky at the same time, and recommended the same song to fans .

The netizen’s suspicions got stronger when Karina uploaded a gif of a cartoon character eating pizza on the fan chat application ‘Bubble’ and called it funny. This happened at the same time that the music video teaser for Jungwoo who was eating pizza was uploaded.

The two also often use the phrase ‘skrr skrr’ which is not a common South Korean phrase.

2. NCT’s Haechan and ITZY’s Ryujin
Dating rumors of NCT’s Haechan and ITZY’s Ryujin have been spreading since Haechan was caught following ITZY’s VLive channel.

This happened in May 2021 when Haechan accidentally showed which channel he was following on VLive while he was live broadcasting.

Fans noticed that Haechan only followed two VLive channels, namely NCT’s channel and ITZY’s channel.

At the same time, Ryujin said that he wanted to take the time to make himself feel better which fans think might be because of Haechan.

In addition, the two were found to have the same items such as bluetooth headphones, cell phone protectors, Adidas shoes, and Apple watches.

The thing that makes fans most sure is when Ryujin gave a serious reaction to the opening scene of their music video ‘LOCO’, where a girl is ignored by her boyfriend who is playing a game, while Haechan loves playing games.


3. NCT’s Mark and Ex-Gugudan’s Mina
Actually, NCT’s Mark and Mina have been friends since they were in Seoul of Performing Arts School (SOPA).

The two were then reunited as a public figure who hosted the South Korean music program, Show! Music Core in 2018.

This makes their friendship grow so that the two often appear close both on stage and off stage.

The chemistry that radiates between Mark and Mina makes fans suspect that maybe they have a romance story.

Once in 2018, when Gugudan appeared on the radio show NCT Night Night hosted by Johnny and Jaehyun, Mina was asked a question about Mark.

Mina also replied that apart from being handsome, Mark was a very hard-working co-worker. This makes fans even more convinced that the two do have a special relationship.


4. NCT’s Taeyong and Red Velvet’s Yeri
The dating rumors between Taeyong and Yeri started in 2018 when the names of the two idols appeared side by side on Naver.

A cupcake incident at SM Entertainment’s Halloween party also led fans to speculate that the two were dating.

In their respective photos, Taeyong is seen kissing a cupcake. At the same time, Yeri was also seen kissing a cupcake.

Another thing was when Taeyong talked about his desire to become a firefighter who could overcome the worries of fans in the NCT 127 Fire Truck era.

At the same time, Yeri also said that she wanted to be a firefighter.

Yeri is also rumored to have put Taeyong’s photo as her cellphone wallpaper, but this report is very difficult to verify.

However, until now there has been no confirmation from either the idols or their agency regarding the dating rumors.