There’s Cha Eunwoo To Lee Jong Suk, Rows Of Cogan In Still Cut ‘Decibel’ Make Netizens Hysterical


The Photo Of The Premiere Scene Of The Film ‘Decibel’ Was Enthusiastically Greeted By Netizens Shortly After Its Release, Especially Because A Number Of Handsome Men Were In One Frame.

The first still cut of the film ” Decibel ” was greeted hysterically as soon as it was released. The reason is, the photo of the scene shows a row of handsome (cogan) boys, namely ASTRO’s Cha Eunwoo , Lee Jong Suk to Kim Rae Won .

After starting the shooting process on April 20, the film “Decibel” seems to have finished pre-production. Because the production team has uploaded photos of the entire group as if celebrating the end of filming.

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In addition, the producer also suddenly released the first still cut featuring the three main actors, namely Kim Rae Won, Lee Jong Suk and Cha Eunwoo. This photo itself shows a quite tense atmosphere even though three cogans are gathered in one frame .

Lee Jong Suk’s character looks very dissatisfied and wants to attack Kim Rae Won’s character. Meanwhile, Cha Eunwoo’s character seems to be trying hard to calm Lee Jong Suk.

Although the specific situation of the feud is not yet known, netizens are already very interested in the charisma and good looks of the three actors. That’s why they immediately became hysterical and gave various hilarious comments such as the following:

I’m waiting for him! said a netizen. The masterpiece of handsomeness from three generations of Korean films. Not to mention this film has many other handsome men, added another netizen.

This is the perfect frame! said another netizen. With this visual, no matter how bad the film is, I will watch it. But how come, Lee Jong Suk chose the script, concluded another netizen.

Meanwhile, “Decibel” tells the story of a terrorist attack in the city center that occurred after the submarine incident a year ago. Key figures such as submarine commanders, journalists and members of the Defense Security Support Command worked together to find ways to stop the bombs.

In addition to the three actors above, this film also presents several quite strong actors. Starting from Jung Sang Hoon , Park Byung Eun , Lee Sang Hee to Jo Dal Hwan .

There's Cha Eunwoo to Lee Jong Suk, Rows of Cogan in Still Cut 'Decibel' Make Netizens Hysterical

Lee Jong Suk Disappointed By The Storm In Navy Captain Uniforms In The Movie ‘Decibel’

The Film ‘Decibel’ Tells The Story Of A Group Of People Who Compete To Stop A Terrorist Attack In The City. The Film Also Stars Cha Eunwoo And Kim Rae Won.

Lee Jong Suk is currently busy starring in a new film titled ” Decibel “. The actor who was born in 1989 has recently uploaded interesting photos on the set of the film.

The photos show Lee Jong Suk in a room filled with many people. The actor, who recently completed his military service, looks stormy wearing the navy captain’s uniform.

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In the photos, the figure of Kim Rae Won is also seen wearing a uniform similar to Lee Jong Suk. At first glance it looks like there is a wound on Kim Rae Won’s face and the actor’s hands appear to be covered with blood stains.

Lee Jong Suk’s post was also immediately filled with comments from Indonesian fans. Oh God, his eyes are so handsome ,wrote one fan. Aaarrrgghhhhh, malehoy when I see my husband like this, I’m putt ,continued another.

“Decibel” itself is a film that tells the story of a group of people who compete to stop a terrorist attack in the city similar to the incident that occurred on the submarine a year ago.

Although the terror attack will take place in the middle of the city, “Decibel” will introduce a new genre by introducing experts in the fields of submarines, naval commando, and chemical bombs.

Lee Jong Suk will play a Navy captain who is very loyal to his submarine crew. This will be the Astro member’s debut film . Don’t miss watching it.