There Will Be A Collab, Jessi And Sunmi’s Teaser For The Remix Version Of The Song ‘Shiver’ Ed Sheeran Is Even Suspected Of This

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In The Near Future, Ed Sheeran Will Release A Remake Version Of The Song ‘Shiver’ Which Is The Result Of His Collaboration With Solo Singer Sunmi And Rapper Jessi As His Latest Project.

In the near future, the collaboration between solo singer from the United States Ed Sheeran with Sunmi and rapper Jessica Ho is increasingly awaited. After it was announced that it would release a collaboration song, fans looked enthusiastically looking forward to it.

On Friday (11/19), it was revealed that Jessi and Sunmi will collaborate with Ed Sheeran by releasing a different version of the song “Shiver” than before. The three stars will be teaming up for a unique remix version of “Shivers” originally released in October as part of Sheeran’s new album “=”.

In this remix version, Jessi will add a strong hook, accompanied by Sunmi’s alluring voice. It was revealed that there was a short teaser of “Shiver” shared by Sunmi by showing a snippet of Jessi’s voice that was very obvious. In the teaser it is very clear that this remix song has the potential to go viral and break.

As is known, one of the hits from Ed Sheeran is a project that was also worked on by Warner Music Korea. The music label will be bringing music listeners another unexpected collaboration project featuring Jessi, Sunmi, and Ed Sheeran all of a sudden.

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However, with this collaboration, many people suspect that the three singers will perform the remix of “Shiver” at the 2021 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA). This suspicion is because Ed Sheeran is known to be a guest star at the event, so there is a high chance that Sunmi and Jessi will be on the same stage with the great singer and composer.

I think they will show it at MAMA, commented netizens. Wow, I can’t imagine if Ms. Jessi and Sunmi were on the same stage with Ed Sheeran. It would be broken! other netizen comments.

Meanwhile, the remix of “Shiver” will be released on November 24. Please look forward to further info, ok!

Revealed Jessi Lyricist of Secret Number Song 'Fire Saturday', Vibes Badass Auto Kentara

Revealed Jessi Lyricist Of Secret Number Song ‘Fire Saturday’, Vibes Badass Auto Kentara

Vibes Badass In The Song ‘Fire Saturday’ Secret Number On The Rap Itself Is Quite Obvious. It Was Revealed That The Lyricist For This Single Had The Intervention Of The Famous Rapper Jessi.

The lively comeback of Secret Number “Fire Saturday” continues to be in the spotlight. The single, which carries the “retro queen” theme, is known to be the intervention of rapper Jessi ( Jessica Ho ).

In Secret Number’s third single “Fire Saturday” which was released on October 27th, it was revealed that Jessi participated in songwriting. So don’t be surprised if the rapper section listed in the song gets praise from fans because it is considered very “very beat”.

Please note that Jessie continues to actively write lyrics for her signature songs. Apart from “Fire Saturday”, other songs including the digital single “Cold Blooded” (with ” Street Woman Fighter ” (SWF))’ which was released on October 12 immediately went viral among the public.

It doesn’t stop there, “Nunu Nana” and “What Type of X” have also shown their outstanding musical abilities. It’s nothing new for Jessie to write lyrics for K-Pop group songs. Therefore, Jessie maximized the exciting atmosphere for “Fire Saturday” and gave up unusual support for Secret Number.

Thanks to this, Secret Number achieved stunning results through “Fire Saturday”. The music video recorded 1 million views in the shortest time on 1theK (Wonder K) YouTube channel, and has now surpassed 3 million views and is counting.

In addition, “Fire Saturday” also topped the iTunes Indonesia chart right after its release. The B-side song “Dangerous In Love” also took the top spot, proving Secret Number’s global popularity.

“Fire Saturday” is an attractive song with a heavy synth bass and a beat with a retro sound. The members’ voices harmonize harmoniously to create various pleasures. In this comeback, Secret Number added a new lineup of members Minji and Zuu who are officially part of the group.

Meanwhile, Secret Number is gaining more and more attention as it is known that Jessie participated in lyric writing while focusing global fans’ attention with a different transformation. Secret Number plans to be actively involved in the promotional activities of “Fire Saturday” through various broadcasts and music content.