There is no time to think about love, Bella is full of work, being a presenter goddess. This year, take more than 20.


There is no time to think about love, Bella Ranee is happy with her work, being a presenter goddess. This year, more than 20 of them have been confiscated, reveal destiny, stumble, Pope infected with covids, sad Beam Papangkorn suddenly died.

This is another golden year of the hottest heroine Bella Ranee Kampen, who this year had a very tight presenter event, now more than 20 characters are called back to claim the presenter throne. Recently, on March 27, 65, Bella Ranee attended the “10th anniversary C-vitt” celebration event as a presenter at the Park Paragon event area, Siam Paragon shopping center.

giving interviews about job popularity of the year every day No matter what media channel you open, you will only find his face and renew your heart after being single In addition, there is an update regarding the drama series destiny that must stumble after young actor Pope Thanawat catches Covid-19 and young actor Beam Papangkorn had to change actors. and the sudden departure of younger actors Ready to encourage the organizing team to go through various stories

This year, the presenter is tight? “Many, both old and new. As for the new ones, there are about one that just started this year.”

Can I have 20? “Outside (smiles) a lot. Please leave the fans to help count.”

Back to claim the presenter throne? “Oh, don’t call it that. We might be a good fit for that brand and we also get great opportunities from adults.”

Are there any leftovers that haven’t arrived yet? “Actually there is a number on the IG page. You can contact me. There are many parts. can still receive (Is it scheduled for 100 stops?) Wait, why do you have the energy to do it?

There are many presenters. Work has returned quite a lot. How will it cost? “Beautiful as usual. The price of friendship depends on how every detail is worked out.”

How do you feel that many product owners choose us? “I have to thank you very much. Thank you for giving Bale a chance. That’s it, Please fully support us because before we become presenters, we must become consumers first. We have to really know what the traits are like, how good are they, and what are the traits like. We dare to tell everyone. Ask if there are any rules before accepting each product. It’s legal and great for people who actually use it. We choose and use it for real.”

Right now, go out and launch the daily presenter? “Yes, we meet quite often, on television, on billboards, working 7 days.”

During the time of being sick with covid, how much will it affect your work? “That one was more of a delay. Work is still quite moving. Back to work and up to work too. Like this job, he is very careful. Everyone was checked before entering the event. ”

Should I be more careful and go back to work more? “Drinking Cavite We add to our own scene (smiles), actually we’ve been careful. Be careful, don’t let your guard down.”

Been working a lot lately Do you have any plans to save money on personal projects? “There are some. There were several plans beforehand. As a business, I have planned many ways, let’s see which way will work. I think this year will be a success. But now I’m not sure Judging from the presenter and the work day is quite over. I want to have something that is mine. for stability”

Why do you want to do business? “It was like a new purpose in life. We have shown about this. Trying to find something new for myself, but the show is still not over. Do not worry.”

For example, are there any obstacles in the current drama? “There’s about one. The cast and crew are infected with covid.”

Recently, Pope Thanawat just got addicted. Is there any discussion from our experience that we have been addicted before? “We are seniors. what the Pope will ask Are you going to get well, why do you have a fever? Why am I coughing like this? We told him to calm down, just 10 days and it will go away. He was a little worried. He fears for his long-term health.”

Passed the wand when Bell disappeared. Pope continued? “About that. But we have to see it as a natural thing because everyone is a drama group has to stop. Like when we Squads have to stop too.”

like fate, set a different queue Do I have to replace him because the deceased Nong Beam Papangkorn had to find another actor to replace him? “I would like to extend my condolences to the family. It was an unexpected event that would happen at the same time

ali. But Belle herself has not attended the event. We haven’t met the sister yet.”

Is there an update with Nong (Arunocha) on how the schedule will change? “The truth has not been discussed. because I just found out I’m not sure if it fits his little sister or not. may have met I was shocked by the news.”

A bit of a mystery too? “The bell says it all about everything. Might be a bit difficult for the organizer, channel and staff. Keep fighting.”

Update work situation day by day, right? “Yes, it will change all the time. very sympathetic to the team I see you Nong. The more you deal with something like this, the harder you have to work. I want the job to go well, I want everyone to see each other. Ask what percentage destiny has taken That’s not true. But I can compress as much as I can.”