There Are Many Incidents, The Struggle Of RM BTS To Make Glass Noodles To Make Gregetan


Known To Be Very Clumsy, RM BTS Invites Laughter From Fans With His Struggle To Make Instant Cup Noodles Or Glass Noodles In The Latest Episode Of ‘In The SOOP 2.’

Besides not being able to be owned, maybe there is only one shortage of RM ( Rap Monster ). The BTS ( Bangtan Boys ) leader is so clumsy that he sometimes makes him look “stupid.”

In the latest episode of BTS’s ” In the SOOP ” season two, RM is seen making snacks for himself in the kitchen. He invited fans to laugh when he struggled to make his own cup or cup noodles.

Feeling a bit hungry, RM decided to make instant noodles to fill his stomach. The owner of the name Kim Namjoon took cup instant noodles, opened the plastic around it, then poured hot water into it.

His noodle making was smooth until he poured hot water into the box, but it suddenly went awry. Instant noodles are said to be very easy to make, even elementary school children can make it without any problems.

However, it seems that it was difficult for RM, because he was seen struggling desperately. Having to drain the hot water from the noodle cup, he had to move it to the sink.

While moving the box, RM continued to heat his hands with hot steam and repeatedly said, “Hot!” Once he managed to get rid of the water, he had to add the spices and mix it with the noodles.

Maybe because he was too excited, RM splashed the red spice on his white t-shirt. So he ended up mixing the noodles and seasonings while keeping his distance from her.

RM is actually very clumsy, even though he looks like a perfect person. He often makes mistakes, and this scene from “In the SOOP” shows it clearly. Annoying but also adorable.

Reaksi Tak Terduga RM BTS Lihat Bodi Sendiri yang Makin Meresahkan

RM BTS’s Unexpected Reaction Sees His Own Body That Is More Troubled

While RM’s Body Was Getting More And More Unsettling, ARMY Became Curious About The Details Of His Personal Training. Seeing His Photo From ‘In The SOOP 2,’ RM Gave An Unexpected Answer.

ARMYs get treats that spoil the eye in the latest episode of BTS ( Bangtan Boys ) ” In the SOOP ” season two. It’s none other than the body of RM ( Rap Monster ) which is getting more and more disturbing.

RM, who is known for his thick and muscular physique, spends time staying active and exercising. From lifting weights to doing cardio, fans can find out about his entire daily fitness routine.

While his body was getting more and more unsettled, ARMYs became curious about the details of his personal training and went to Weverse to ask their questions. “Namjoon Oppa, how many hours do you exercise every day?” asked the fan.

The ARMY included a screenshot from the latest episode of “In the SOOP 2” which featured RM with a muscular body. Seeing his own body, the BTS leader gave an unexpected reaction.

Instead of answering fans’ questions or admiring the results of his hard work over the past few years, RM was surprised. The owner of the name Kim Namjoon replied, “Geez, why do I look like that?!”

If by “that,” he means very handsome and muscular, then ARMYs are wondering the same thing. RM is just trying to be humble with his body getting better day by day.

The concert was held at the Olympic Stadium without spectators in attendance. For the 2021 American Music Awards (AMA), BTS won three nominations including Artist of the Year.