The Winning and Losing Teams Due to the UCL Draw Repeat


An embarrassing incident occurred in the draw for the 2021/22 Champions League last 16. The reason is, the draw had to be done twice because of a fatal mistake by UEFA .

Monday (13/12/2021), the Champions League draw had to be made twice by UEFA. The first draw was held at 18.00 WIB and has finished determining eight matches.

The results of the first draw are also quite interesting. PSG will meet Manchester United and Atletico Madrid will face Bayern Munich.

However, due to a number of errors in the draw process, UEFA had to repeat the draw for the round of 16 a few hours later.

Well this second draw changed the fate of many teams. There are those who benefit from new opponents, there are those who actually lose because they have to face a stronger team, who are you?

Preliminary voting canceled
Benfica vs Real Madrid
Villarreal vs Man City
Atletico Madrid vs Bayern Munchen
RB Salzburg vs Liverpool
Inter vs Ajax
Sporting vs Juventus
Lille vs Chelsea
PSG vs Man Utd

Validated re-draw
RB Salzburg vs Bayern Munchen
Sporting vs Manchester City
Benfica vs Ajax
Chelsea vs Lille
Atletico Madrid vs Manchester United
Villarreal vs Juventus
Inter vs Liverpool
PSG vs Real Madrid

Winning team: Atletico Madrid
Atletico Madrid is clearly the team that will benefit the most from this re-draw. Imagine, in the initial draw they had to fight Bayern Munich, who was the favorite to win.

In fact, the draw had to be repeated due to Atletico’s protests. This decision benefits those who will be against Manchester United. Not that MU is an easy team, at least not as strong as Bayern.

Winning team: Benfica
In the early draw Benfica had to play Real Madrid, obviously a one-sided match. In the second draw, Benfica will play Ajax, should be more balanced.

Ajax is one of the most consistent teams in the Champions League group stage this season. They are tough opponents, but at least not as tough as Madrid.

Winning team: Villarreal
Villarreal have to face Manchester City in the early draw. Seen from any side this match will be very difficult for the Spanish team.

In the second draw Villarreal was confirmed against Juventus. Don’t mean to underestimate the quality of Juventus, but at least Villarreal still has a chance.

Winning team: Manchester United
Manchester United will have to face PSG in the initial draw. This match was widely discussed, especially regarding the reunion of Cristiano Ronaldo vs Lionel Messi.

Of course against PSG is not an easy task. The French team was full of top level stars. Fortunately, the draw was repeated and United would face Atletico Madrid.

Losing team: PSG
PSG should have had a chance to win over MU in the early draw. Their team is stronger and more consistent against MU.

The draw was repeated and PSG had to meet Real Madrid. If you look at the performance of the two teams now, Madrid certainly still looks very strong.

Losing team: Inter Milan
In the initial draw, Inter Milan will face Ajax Amsterdam in the last 16 of the Champions League. It was a tough match, but on paper Inter were a bit ahead.

After the draw was repeated, Inter had to play Liverpool. Of course this will be a difficult match for the Italian team.