The way to assist the office girl hold her hair style and exquisite hair shade to welcome Tet


After doing all of your hair, you must keep the following tips in mind to maintain your hair in region and sturdy.

in the time near the Lunar New yr like now, many women have been making ready to do beautiful hair to welcome Tet. but, except selecting a hair salon, coiffure, and hair shade you want, bear in mind to take properly care of your hair after doing it. nicely-groomed hair will preserve its lovely shade and fashion, supporting you continually appearance as lovely as if you simply stepped out of the hair salon. right here are some pointers to keep the color and preserve the hair fashion that the office female ought to take note of.

1. do not wash your hair too much
when you have a dependancy of washing your hair each day, it’s miles excellent to practice giving up this habit after you have curled and dyed it. due to the fact, the amount of natural oil that the scalp secretes each day will help moisturize your hair and maintain it stunning. if you wash your hair every day, this amount of oil will no longer be sufficient to offer hair, dry hair; similarly, washing your hair too frequently additionally reasons the hair coloration to vanish speedy and the curls to straighten and lose the folds. preferably, you ought to only wash 2 to three times in line with week with heat water handiest.

2. Use a set of shampoo and conditioner merchandise specially for hair kind
don’t think that each one shampoos are the equal, there are many specialised hair cleansing merchandise in the marketplace for each hair type. for example, a set of shampoo and conditioner products for dyed hair, permed hair, broken hair… depending on your hair type, you must pick the proper set of merchandise. Shampoo for dyed hair will have greater ingredients to keep hair coloration, restriction shade fading; merchandise for curling hair have more nutrients, keep hair and limit damage.

3. Use a extensive tooth comb while combing your hair
regular combs with thick comb teeth will purpose curly hair to stretch, lose waves and smash. therefore, after doing curly hair, you want to shop for a wide tooth comb so that you can effortlessly untangle your hair with out losing the hair.

further, you have to also restriction brushing your hair when it is nevertheless moist. due to the fact while the hair is moist, the hair roots are tender, very susceptible and clean to interrupt. You should wait until your hair is partially dry earlier than brushing.

4. restrict hair drying and styling
Blow-drying and styling additionally way which you are the usage of the effect of warmth at the hair. This heat will make the hair dry, hot, brittle and stupid. therefore, only whilst really essential, you need to use the dryer, and have to be on a fab placing. Do no longer blow-dry your hair until it is absolutely dry, however depart it still barely damp. when styling, you must use greater oils and sprays to defend your hair.

5. limit your hair publicity to the sun and pool water
robust daylight will motive hair coloration to fade speedy. similarly, the concentrated quantity of salt and chlorine in the pool water additionally corrodes the dye layer, inflicting the hair to lose its stunning, stupid shade. therefore, after doing all your hair, you should restriction going to the solar or swimming. if you nevertheless want to head swimming, you need to follow a mild layer of moisturizer before entering the pool to save you the results of sea salt and chlorine. while going out, you ought to use greater hats to defend your hair and limit the effect of daylight to your hair.