‘The War of Tomorrow’ 2021 An entertaining Amazon blockbuster with time travel


Summer is blockbuster time in theaters. It’s true that other types of films continue to be released, but Hollywood blockbusters abound even more than the rest of the year and tend to attract public interest. Under normal circumstances, ‘War tomorrow’ would be one of them, but Paramount didn’t finish seeing it clearly and ended up selling the film on Amazon.

It will be Friday, July 2, when Prime Video releases a film for which Amazon paid a whopping 200 million dollars and which has Chris Pratt as its main claim to conquering viewers. Of course, here the protagonist of ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ is more restrained than usual in an ambitious time-traveling story that brings out the best in itself with attacks from some furious aliens.

Family as motorbike

“Tomorrow’s War” is a film that takes a relaxed atmosphere before the action becomes one of the most important elements of the role. Zach Dean’s script first focuses on uncovering a catastrophic a priori future for humanity and how it affects attitudes in our time.

Along the way, the film puts a little twist on what has led future people to devise such specific plans, while it tries to provide a more human backdrop to the story, seeking more of the audience’s empathy with its protagonist than it is likely to draw on the charisma. Pratt to buy time.

The actor himself commented that ‘Future war’ has certain similarities to ‘How beautiful life is!’ , something that sounds crazy at first but seeing the film isn’t quite the case, at least in terms of the loser presentation he plays.

From there, Dean builds a story where family is very important, thus following what seems to be trending in Hollywood blockbusters this summer, as was the case in ‘Fast & Furious 9’ and ‘Widow black’.

It doesn’t take off emotionally

However, here you have a more dramatic backdrop than one would expect in a production of this nature. It’s not that he’s ever hit the mark — the closest thing to that is the crushing and convincing relationship between Pratt and JK Simmons’ characters — but it does help make this universe that he poses for more than a show destined for audiences to eat popcorn non-stop during its run.

The counterpart is that Pratt’s character never has the same brilliance as his other works. Okay, it was a surprise to find something that wasn’t a simple variant of Star-Lord, but there was a certain worldliness in his Dan Forester that didn’t sit well with him, leading me to wonder if that was his responsibility or the scripted way of drawing the protagonist.

That means that the more human side of the story will never achieve the effect the film wants. Be careful, it doesn’t do the opposite and is valued as a hallmark, but it can elevate ‘War of tomorrow’ to another level instead of being something that just sets it apart from other similar productions.

Best of all, confrontation with aliens

Instead, Chris McKay knows how to handle scale in action scenes quite well, increasing both in terms of the threat that the characters we see on screen and the terrifying aliens have to face. The designs of the creatures are also very effective at engendering respect without just a mixture of what is seen in this or that film.

Moreover, McKay never let those moments consume the rest of the interesting topic ‘Future wars’. And it’s that the story itself may end up being more functional than anything else, but it does show that those involved are relying on quieter scenes rather than

That’s not to say that the fierce confrontation between humans and aliens ends up being the best of functions, nor does it hit a specific enough threat during the ending that the tension level skyrockets and leads viewers to really hope our protagonist finishes him off. .

I also don’t forget that visually this film fits easily, knowing how to give that decadent vibe to a future dominated by invaders. It’s not that McKay gets any action scenes that will stick in the memory, but it does meet the swell of what is still his first film in real life -before he’s dealt with the ridiculously hilarious ‘Batman: La Lego’ movie -.

in short

‘Future wars’ is a blockbuster that pays attention to the more emotional side of history to stand out from other similar proposals.

It doesn’t finish starting on that side, but it does help shape the solvent entertainment where the increasingly intense moments of action stand out.