The Violent Spy in Yaksha: Ruthless Operations

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The Movie Yaksha: Ruthless Operations, which began airing on April 8, 2022, shows the action of the Black Ops group against the Prosecutors for the mission of Senyang, China.

Not only interesting Korean dramas are favorite shows, because Korean Movies are no less exciting.

Like the latest Movie that is currently airing, it carries the genre of criminal action and action that is quite tense.

The prosecutor who was demoted to become a member of espionage must face the Black Ops group who are carrying out a big mission.

Yaksha Movie Player Profile: Ruthless Operations

Sol Kyung Gu

The senior actor Sol Kyung Gu co-starred in the Movie Yaksha: Ruthless Operatios as the head of a secret black operations agency.

Playing the role of Kang In, Sol Kyung has a cold-blooded character and is full of passion to achieve her goals.

Has the title Yaksha which means a cruel ghost who likes to disturb and kill people who get in his way.

Park Hae Soo

In addition to senior player Sol Kyung Gu, actor Park Hae Soo also plays a role in the Movie as Ji Hoon.

Ji Hoon is a prosecutor who works at the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office who has been demoted.

In this Yaksha Movie, Ji Hoon will be involved in the problem of Senyang in order to thwart Kang In’s mission which is quite influential.

Yang Dong Geun

The Movie Yaksha: Ruthless Operations also collaborates with an actor born in 1979 named Yang Dong Geun.

Debuted in 1998 when he was 20 years old, Yang Dong has starred in many Korean Movies and dramas.

Successfully acting in many titles, Yang Dong Geun got the role of Section Chief Hong in the Movie Yaksha.

Black Ops Chief and Prosecutor Fight In Dangerous Mission

Netflix has just broadcast the latest Korean Movie that carries the crime thriller genre on April 8, 2022.

Director Na Hyeon’s Movie presents the story of a spy and a prosecutor who fight for the mission of Senyang, China.

Sol Kyung Gu, who plays Kang In, is the leader of a secret money black operations agency called Black Operation.

Kang In is known to be fierce and cold-blooded, and never fails in carrying out his missions.

In addition, Kang In is also known to have a high desire so he is willing to do anything to achieve his goals.

Even the head of Black Ops didn’t hesitate to kill those who got in the way of his mission.

The Black Ops group has a mission to monitor the Senyang region, China which is nothing but a battlefield for spies.

Often violating the rule of law, finally the Black Ops action was smelled by the prosecutor’s office, who then sent Ji Hoon.

Ji Hoon, the rigid and law-abiding prosecutor, must be demoted to become a member of espionage to fight Kang In.

Ji Hoon will conduct an investigation related to Black Ops and its mission in Senyang, China until he has to deal with Kang.

The action of the match between Kang In and Ji Hoon will be tense and full of bloodshed in the movie Yaksha: Ruthless Operations.



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