The Vault Review: An Edgy New Robbery Movie~


After a long time not reviewing films, is back again with a review of the film The Vault . This film is quite busy being discussed because of the robbery theme it carries. The Vault film itself has an action thriller genre that presents mystery, suspense and armed actions.

The Vault is a film that originated in Spain. The film was directed by Jaume Balaguero and stars a number of well-known actors such as Freddie Highmore, Astrid Berges-Frisbey, Sam Riley, Liam Cunningham, Luis Tosar, Axel Stein, Jose Coronado and Famke Janssen. Simply put, this film is about a group of treasure hunters who intend to break into the safest vault in the Bank of Spain.

Entertaining Way of Robbery

Robbery is one of the most loved themes by movie fans as entertainment. Displaying dexterity, intelligence and improbable plans is an attraction in itself. It is not surprising that a robbery-themed film or series always gets a lot of attention. Money Heist became one of the heist series from Spain that got this success.

Just like the series directed by Alex Pina, the film The Vault itself maximizes the elements of robbery in the film. Impossible plans, intelligent characters and super-sophisticated technology are the main treats. The characters in this film also have their own characteristics. Some are good at hacking, some are smart in physics, agile in physics and some are great at disguise. These characters complement each other, giving their maximum contribution which makes this film even more interesting.

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One of the most interesting things in this film is how The Vault depicts the Spanish National Bank’s security system and the mechanical working system in the vault. Because of the impossible security system and the mystery about the safe that often kills robbers, The Vault gives the audience an extraordinary sense of tension. In short, this film is perfect and edgy for the technical problems of depicting robbery.

Football And Robbery

From the outside, we might conclude that The Vault is another mediocre robbery film that is not much different from similar films. This is not entirely wrong or right, because there is a part of the meaning that this film wants to convey to the audience.

It seems the director understands that this film will be liked by young people, he targets young people by talking about passion in this film. Passion and robbery in this film go hand in hand, complement and strengthen each other. The characters in this film illustrate how the passion of a human being leads them to do even the extreme things.

Interestingly, this film intelligently takes the setting of the 2010 World Cup Final in Spain. The passionate feeling of the supporters of the Spanish team seemed to be a good sign for the robbers who were also passionate about breaking into the most stringent security system on planet earth. Interestingly, the football shown in this film is not just a patch. Everything is related. Starting from goals, celebrations, match timings and even the line-up of players also have an effect. In short, the film nicely portrays football as a metaphor for the passion of the robbers.

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Pretty Memorable Ending

It has been explained previously that this film has quite an impression on the audience. The two points above certainly support the argument that this film is quite worth watching. Interestingly, the film The Vault closes quite well and is memorable.

Although there is a dialogue that is quite cliché, the ending of this film is closely related to the beginning of the story which makes the audience entertained. Oh yes, the ending of this film also finally shows where the position of this film is. At the end of the film, we can see that this film is actually a form of criticism of the government, especially the Spanish monarchy, which is known to be oppressive. The song God Save The Queen by Sex Pistol seems to amplify the criticism he wants to convey.

So that’s the review for The Vault . What do you think Popins? Are you interested in watching this film? According to, this film is worth watching for both knowledge and entertainment.