The Thor: Ragnarok film also marks the emergence of several new characters


In addition to Doctor Strange, the Thor: Ragnarok film also marks the emergence of several new characters. Among these are Grandmaster, played by veteran actor Jeff Goldblum, and Skurge, played by Karl Urban. Grandmaster is one of the oldest figures in the universe. Who is the ruler of Planet Sakaar and brother of The Collector (Benicio Del Toro). Meanwhile, Skurge is an Asgard warrior who becomes Hela’s vassal. In addition, there is also Korg. The director himself, Taika Waititi. Yes, so far, Waititi has a habit of playing in the films he makes.

Most of the shooting for Thor: Ragnarok was done in Australia. Which involved about 1,000 people as a crew. For Taika Waititi, the film is her first experience directing that many people on set. However, even so, Taika Waititi’s blockbuster debut, it seems, went smoothly. In addition, the results are also very good. Because, so far, almost all the critics who have watched this film, during the gala premiere, gave a positive response.

Marvel Studios is also expected to reap huge profits. In fact, 2017 is the first time they have released three films in a year. Spider-Man: Homecoming. Both are also successful in the market. How? Can’t wait to watch this movie? Me too. Can’t wait for you to dump him. Then you are completely mine.

On June 28, 2013, there was a great forest fire. In Yarnell Hill, Arizona, United States. Triggered by a lightning strike. The disaster, in the end, was included in the six deadliest fire disasters in American history. That killed up to 19 firefighters.

The 19 people who died on the job were members of Granite Mountain Hotshots. Which is a firefighting group formed in 2002. Led by Eric “Supe” Marsh. Everyone in the group worked hard to extinguish the devastating wildfires on Yarnell Hill. They prevented it from spreading to the city.

The heroic story of the heroes in fighting the forest fires at Yarnell Hill was, finally, brought to the big screen. In a film called Only the Brave. Which, currently, is showing in Cinema XXI cinemas. In accordance with real events, the story of the film, which was originally titled Granite Mountain, is very moving. In the trailer that was released some time ago by Sony Pictures, it shows the struggle and persistence of the firefighters who are full of sacrifices.

The main star in Only the Brave is Josh Brolin. Who plays Eric “Supe” Marsh. Besides Josh Brolin, this film is also strengthened by various stars with famous names. Starting from the young, like Miles Teller and Taylor Kitsch, to the seniors, like Jeff Bridges and Andie MacDowell. In addition, as a sweetener, this 134 minute film also features Jennifer Connelly. The look in his eyes, at first glance, resembles one of my crush. #curcol The beautiful actress plays Amanda. Eric Marsh’s wife.

And, as a result, as expected, after airing globally last Friday (20/10), Only the Brave received a positive response from critics. The visualization of the film, whose screenplay is based on a GQ article entitled “No Exit” (by Sean Flynn) is considered very impressive. The acting of the players is impressive. And the story is emotional. Which has the potential to drain the audience’s tears. Only the Brave is also considered the best firefighter film after Backdraft (1991).