The Tale (2018) Movie Review, Lika-Liku Difficult to Trace the Experience of Sexual Violence in Childhood


No woman wants to experience sexual violence. No woman wants to be a victim of sexual violence. Including childhood. The experience of being a victim of sexual violence is never easy—either to admit it as reality or to tell it to others. However, Jennifer Fox in The Tale (2018), which she wrote and directed based on her own experiences, tries to share her journey through the past, where she tries to come to terms with the reality that she was sexually abused when she was a child.

The Tale (2018) Movie Review

Listening and watching the movie The Tale (2018) is like being invited to join Jennifer Fox’s journey to explore and finally investigate her childhood memories, in order to uncover the secrets that have been hidden for decades there. The secret of a romantic relationship with his running coach and first girlfriend, who was probably in his 40s—when he was 13 at the time. The secret of what happened to the much older man: that he may have been used by a pedophile in his naivety as a very young girl.

The Tale (2018) film summarizes the whole process of a Jennifer Fox to come to terms with the reality of her childhood at the age of 13. It was definitely not easy for him to accept the reality, of past memories that suddenly resurfaced. All this time, he thought he had never been a victim of sexual violence. In fact, he confidently stated that he had never experienced sexual violence as a child in one of the recorded interviews with women who were sexually assaulted as a child—one of the documentary projects he is currently working on.

Jennifer Fox’s search begins with an old inscription in Jenny’s English book (Jennifer Fox as a child) that her mother found in a warehouse. It tells the story of an unusual story, unnatural to be written by a small child. The writing disturbed Jennifer Fox and decided to explore her past memories. Memories of a summer vacation where he learned to ride and practice running regularly, with his coach, Mrs. G (Jane) and Bill—two adults who were so kind and so dear to his memory for a long time. He looked for and met again with friends and related people in his childhood when he was 13 years old, observing photos, reading old letters again.

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Throughout the film, the plot is designed to repeatedly flashback to the past and return to the present, gradually and carefully. The plot of this film is also intelligent in helping us to follow Jenny’s (Jennifer) memory as she does herself. Memories and memories of the past can be distorted—because of denial or denial of the dark past. In this case, one of the most vital is Jenny’s memory of herself at the age of 13—she imagined a teenager with a body that was starting to mature at puberty, but she was actually still small like a child just about to step into the world. adolescent age. In fact, Jenny had not had her period at that time. In this regard, the letters and writings in her English book serve as firm confirmations that correct some of the distortions that have occurred in Jennifer Fox’s memory. Including, testimony from the people involved there, including the mother and her friends on horseback.

The plot narration is often like conducting interviews, such as direct dialogue, with the characters in those past memories—including little Jenny, herself. Initially, the interview scene was only depicted without the figure of an adult Jennifer Fox—more and more, little Jenny was finally depicted as meeting an adult Jennifer Fox in the same room. In intense discussion. Like describing the process that occurs within Jennifer Fox’s internal self to re-question the past. Part of his process of trying to come to terms with the denial of bad memories is difficult, the reality that he has experienced sexual violence from a person he remembers so well in his memories.

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The scenes and scripts of this film are based entirely on real events that happened, including when Jennifer Fox met the elderly Mrs. G (Jane). They did see each other a few times, since Jennifer Fox began reviewing her past memories. But Jennifer Fox didn’t meet Bill in person—Bill didn’t see Jennifer Fox. They’ve only spoken a few times on the phone over the years in Jennifer Fox’s run, and the script for this film is based on those conversations. This film also features