The surprising news emerged that Jason Momoa joined the ranks of the Fast and Furious cast


Dwayne Johnson has announced that he no longer wants to rejoin Vin Diesel ‘s crew . The surprising news emerged that Jason Momoa joined the ranks of the Fast and Furious cast .
This was announced directly via the franchise’s Twitter account.

“The Fast and Furious family is getting bigger. Welcome Jason Momoa #F10,” he wrote.The post also includes a poster in which the Aquaman star appears in a tuxedo and black tie on a blue, red and white background.

There is no explanation regarding the character that will be played by Jason Momoa and whether he will be the main enemy or the protagonist with Vin Diesel et al.

Previously there had been tension between Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and Vin Diesel. In an interview a discussion about Vin Diesel’s Instagram post appeared, in which he said, “I’m saying this out of love…but you have to show up, don’t let the franchise stop, you have a very important role to play,” referring to Johnson’s character Luke.

Johnson replied to this and said he was shocked by the post.

“Last June, when Vin and I really connected not through social media, I told him directly – and personally – that I would not be returning to the franchise.

I was firm but friendly with my words and said that I would has always supported the players and has always supported the franchise to be successful, but there’s no way I’ll be back. I’ve also spoken privately with my partners at Universal, who are all very supportive because they understand the problem.”

For the man who is familiarly called The Rock, this post is an example of manipulation.

Vin Diesel’s post mentions that his kids call Johnson “Uncle Dwayne,” and years ago, he told Johnson “I will fulfill my promise to Pablo” to “achieve and deliver the best Fast in the final which is 10! ” Pablo is Diesel’s nickname for Walker, his co-star in the Furious franchise who died in 2013.

“It is unfortunate that this public dialogue has made matters worse,” Johnson said, wishing his former co-stars and crew members good luck with the film.