The Stunning Conspiracy Theory Behind These Cute Cartoons


Cartoons are one of the shows that are considered friendly for children. But behind the cuteness of the cartoon and the unique storyline, there is an astonishing conspiracy theory.

But this conspiracy theory is not to be believed, because sometimes not everything has to be answered.

1. Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse rides in a parade through Main Street, USA with Cinderella’s castle in the background at Disney World’s Magic Kingdom November 11, 2001 in Orlando
Since 1930, Walt Disney has produced Mickey Mouse . Reportedly this cartoon was used as a population control. Many Mickey Mouse stories show his character committing suicide.

When the death rate increases in the real world, at that time, it is hoped that it will reduce the population so that the country’s economy can improve.

2. Tom and Jerry

There is a conspiracy theory that says Tom and Jerry is Nazi propaganda. This cartoon was first made when the war between England and Germany hit.

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Tom is said to depict Tommy’s, a British soldier, and Jerry is Jerry’s, a German soldier. Tom always tries to kill Jerry, but Jerry always wins.

There are also those who call Tom and Jerry a satire for a war that never ends.

3. Scooby-Doo

Scooby -Doo also does not escape the conspiracy theory that says Norville “Shaggy” Rogers, one of the characters in the cartoon, is a marijuana addict. This theory is supported by him being seen smoking several times.

The marijuana cigarette is said to have an effect on Shaggy, who often hallucinates and sees his dog talking like a human.