The story of Wonder Woman’s solo film is indeed part of the DC Extended Universe


In November, Wonder Woman will indeed reunite with Batman and Superman. In Justice League (2017). What is predicted to be one of the greatest films of the year. The story of Wonder Woman’s solo film is indeed part of the DC Extended Universe (DCEU). The time setting is 100 years ago. Long before Wonder Woman knew Batman and Superman. So, you could say, this film is a prequel to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League.

From the trailer for this film, titled Origin, which was released at the Kids’ Choice Awards in March 2017, we can see the origins of Wonder Woman. Who has the alias Diana Prince. Starting from flashbacks to his childhood, training to become a tough fighter, to his meeting with his first love: Steve Trevor (played by Chris Pine).

At the beginning of the 20th century, World War I was raging. Steve Trevor is an American military pilot. The plane that was shot down. Then stranded in Themyscira. A mysterious island. It is the home of the Amazonian warrior women.

Wonder Woman, whose real name is Diana, is an Amazonian princess. The daughter of Queen Hyppolyta (Connie Nielsen). He is the child of the Queen’s illicit relationship with Zeus. The supreme god in Greek mythology. So, you could say, Wonder Woman is a kind of Hercules and Perseus. Half human and half god. Or like Thor. Marvel superheroes. Who is the son of Odin. The supreme god in Norwegian mythology.

Because she is the child of a god, Wonder Woman is also immortal. Alias ​​can’t die. He is always young. And it’s beautiful. In fact, I’ve never used Tje Fuk cream. Hehe.. However, even so, actually, Diana is not very immortal. Like Thor, Wonder Woman’s age has a limit: Up to 5000 years. However, it has been classified as very, very long. Especially, when compared to the average age of an ordinary human. Or Liverpool’s age fasting Premier League title. Haha..

Okay. Back to Steve Trevor. Long story short, after being helped by Diana, Steve was trapped cinlok. aka love the location. In addition, while venting, he also told about the condition of the world being hit by war. Feeling called, Diana then decided to wander: From Themyscira to London. His mission is to stop World War I. And create world peace.

As in the comic version, in this 141-minute film, Wonder Woman will face her mortal enemy: Ares. Which, in truth, is Diana’s own half-sister. Both are sons of Zeus. Which is also immortal. His hobby is provoking humans into a big war. Kind of Bharatayudha. And a flood of blood in the world. In fact, it could be that he was the mastermind behind the outbreak of World War I. Diana was trying to stop it.

Besides Ares, Wonder Woman also has to face Doctor Maru (Elena Anaya). Which is the figure of a mad scientist nicknamed Doctor Poison. Very skilled in chemistry. Who, usually, armed with poison to finish off his opponents.