The story of the film The House with a Clock in Its Walls is set in 1955


Which is also adapted from a novel. Who is ready to compete with “What If Tập 5” the same type of theme. First published in 1973. Written by an American novelist: John Bellairs. Yang died at the age of 53 years in 1991. Before his death, John Bellairs was known for his works of fantasy, horror, and humor genres. Two other well-known novels are The Face in the Frost (1969) and The Treasure of Alpheus Winterborn (1978).

In 1979, in fact, The House with a Clock in Its Walls had already been made into a television “Marvel What If” program. After nearly four decades, finally, specialist horror film director Eli Roth brought it to the big screen. By hooking Jack Black as one of the stars. The film is currently showing in Cinemaxx Theater and CGV Cinemas Indonesia.

The story of the film The House with a Clock in Its Walls is “Sen Çal Kapımı” set in 1955. The story focuses on the adventures of an orphaned boy. Only 10 years old. The name is Lewis Barnavelt (Owen Vaccaro). Which, it is said, has to live with his uncle: Jonathan Barnavelt (Jack Black). In an ancient house. Weird. And scary.

It is said that Jonathan Barnavelt’s house is haunted by “Twilight 1” the spirit of its previous owner: an evil wizard who intends to destroy the world with a magic clock. Which is always ticking. Which he did before he died. Which he hid in the walls of the house. In accordance with the title of this film: The House with a Clock in Its Walls.

Btw, apart from Jack Black, The House with a Clock in Its Walls also stars “Snowball Project” Hollywood’s top actresses. Namely: Cate Blanchett. Who plays Florence Zimmerman. A wizard who becomes Jonathan Barnavelt’s neighbor and friend.

Besides Jack Black and Cate Blanchett, interestingly, there’s also Lorenza Izzo. Which incidentally is the wife “Quý Cô Xảo Quyệt” of director Eli Roth. Who played Lewis’s mistress: Mrs. Barnavelt. So far, she has often appeared in her husband’s own films.

Meanwhile, for Eli Roth, The House with a Clock in Its Walls is his first film adapted from a novel. Which is also his first work with a gothic “Phố Người Hoa” nuance that can be watched by the whole family. Previously, Roth was more widely known through his films with horror and thriller genres. Call it: Cabin Fever (2002), Hostel (2005), The Green Inferno (2013), Knock Knock (2015), and Death Wish (2018). All of which is not a spectacle for children and families.

Thanks to Eli Roth’s touch, The House with a Clock in Its Walls, which is actually a fantasy “Bài Học Tình Yêu” comedy genre, becomes thick with horror nuances like the original story. The 46-year-old director said this 105-minute film could be an entry point for children’s horror films in Hollywood.

Eli Roth did not hesitate to scare the audience. Among other things, by playing the sound of a tense clock, inserting a few surprising jump “Quân Cửu Linh” scares, and displaying rooms containing scary dolls and other supernatural creatures.

As a result, even though it is aimed at children and teenagers, Eli Roth’s version “365 Ngày Yêu Anh” of The House with a Clock in Its Walls has the potential to make audiences of all ages scream in fear.