The Story of the Early Career of Cristiano Ronaldo The King of the Field from Portugal


Take a peek at the early story and career journey of Cristiano Ronaldo , the king of the green field from Portugal who was able to conquer the world.

Cristiano Ronaldo or more commonly known as CR7 is one of the world’s soccer players whose names are already very popular.

Not only that, Ronaldo is also known as a successful and wealthy football player. According to some media, Ronaldo also has an estimated wealth of US $ 450 million or around Rp. 6.3 trillion.

The success and wealth of a Ronaldo certainly cannot be separated from his struggle to get it all. The man who was born in Madeira, Portugal on February 5, 1985, has been fond of soccer since he was a child.

But at that time, enjoying a game of football on the side of the road was entertainment that he could enjoy. This is because Ronaldo himself was born from a family that can be said to be lacking.

When Ronaldo was 8 years old, he started playing and joined a local club from Andorinha, where his father worked. He began to train as best he could in the club for 2 years, until he was 10 years old.

Not long after that, it turned out that one of the biggest clubs in Madeira, namely Nacional, began to look at the abilities of a small Ronaldo.

Ronaldo was withdrawn to train and play at the Nacional junior club for 3 years. Then after that, Ronaldo was withdrawn by Sporting Lisbon at the age of 13.

At this club Ronaldo started his career as a real footballer. He underwent a contract as a professional football player with a value of 1,500 pounds, or around Rp.26 million.

Then when he turned 17, Ronaldo was trusted by his country to become a national team player to compete in the U-17 World Cup. Not long after that, Ronaldo began to enter the main line of senior Portugal.

His prowess in processing the ball made Ronaldo ogled by big world-class clubs, such as Manchester United. He was then proposed to by MU with a contract value of 12 million pounds, or around Rp. 215 billion in 2003.

With the Red Devils, his work was increasingly shining and helped the team win three Premier League titles, as well as the European Champions League and Club World Cup trophies respectively.

Six seasons in England, Ronaldo finally made a big step by moving to the Spanish League and strengthening Real Madrid in 2009.

His performance was not far behind at Manchester United, he even won four Champions League titles and three Club World Cup trophies with El Real.

At the age of 30, Ronaldo’s light and big name is still very strong, even Juventus club wants to bring him with a dowry of 100 million euros for the 2018/19 season.

After just two seasons in Italy, the Portugal national team captain has shown his brilliance by scoring 53 goals in 75 matches and helping Juventus win the 2018/19 Serie A title and the 2018 Supercoppa Italiana.