The story of Kakashi in the Naruto anime when he joined the Anbu Part 2


Kinoe’s Mission

Under Danzo’s orders, Kinoe and Kinoto set out to retrieve Kakashi’s Sharingan. At the same time, Kakashi is sent by Hiruzen to investigate Orochimaru’s newly discovered hideout. Kinoe and Kakashi meet each other and agree to work together. However, Kinoe immediately attacked Kakashi to take his eye.

Kakashi begs Kinoe to stop and tells him that friends shouldn’t kill each other. Kinoe brought up the fact that Kakashi killed Rin with his own hands. Those words clearly angered Kakashi, pinning Kinoe to the ground, and preparing to attack him with a Chidori. Kinoe turns himself in and tells Kakashi to kill him if necessary.

Itachi joins the Anbu Following Kakashi

After the events above, Itachi joined the Anbu and became the youngest member ever. His father emphasized Itachi’s obligation to protect the Uchiha clan. On the other hand, Danzo actually assigned Itachi to monitor the Uchiha.

Hiruzen then sent a team consisting of Guy, Kosuke Maruboshi, and two other ninja on a diplomatic mission to meet the envoy of the Land of the Forest. Then, Danzo sent Kakashi and Itachi as backup in case they were betrayed.

Konoha was apparently betrayed, so Kakashi and Itachi eliminated the envoy. Then, the Konoha council decided that the Uchiha clan would be placed under surveillance. According to Itachi, the move was expected from the Uchiha clan.

Uchiha clan killed by Itachi

Hiruzen assigns Kakashi to find out who passed the village guard. Itachi reports to Danzo that a coup is imminent. Unfortunately, the Anbu arrived too late to stop him.

Itachi also secretly met Hiruzen, informed him of his future actions, and asked to protect Sasuke.

Hiruzen decided not to change the barrier passcode, in order to allow Itachi to enter the village undetected to check on Sasuke. After the incident, Kakashi was expelled from the Anbu and told that he would become a sensei for the genin team.