The ‘Squid Game’ Participants’ Bed Has A Unique Design, It Turns Out To Have An Unexpected Meaning


The ‘Squid Game’ Property Design Also Has Its Own Significance. The Participants’ Beds Are Arranged In Such A Way, This Is The Artistic Stylist And Director’s Explanation Of The Meaning Behind It.

Following the popularity of ” Squid Game “, the cast, complete with the director and production team, accepted Netflix Korea’s invitation in an interview. On this occasion Lee Jung Jae cs talked about many things related to the hit drama.

It’s not just the coffin that has a special meaning, it seems that the design of the participants’ rooms also has its own purpose. Art director or artistic stylist Chae Kyung Sun shared the unexpected meaning of the bunk bed design in “Squid Game”.

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According to Chae Kyung Sun, the contestants look like people who have been left behind. Each of them has a material and mental burden. In particular, he discusses how that detail and thought was put through the bed design used in the scene in the first episode. Before the game starts, the audience sees the participants wake up in rows of uniform beds of varying heights.

So I used the materials they used for the tunnels,” explained Chae Kyung Sun.

Then Chae Kyung Sun explained that the stairs in each bed have more meaning than just their function as a place to go up and down.

Even so, on the set Chae Kyung Sun did not have a complicated design. He also explains how that meaning plays a role in the control that is displayed through the tiered bed design like a pyramid.

“Instead of treating them like humans, he suggested that the contestants be depicted as objects piled on a warehouse shelf. In order for managers to control the participants, they must be able to identify them at a glance. That’s the picture on the playing field,” explained Hwang Dong Hyuk.

As expected, every detail in “Squid Game” had some sort of significance. From wall drawings to the use of property materials. This shows how much thought went into planning a drama and it’s no wonder it ended up being so popular.

'Squid Game' Bertahan di Peringkat Pertama Global Selama 7 Hari, Publik Takjub

‘Squid Game’ Remains In Global First Rank For 7 Days, Public Amazed

‘Squid Game’ Is Currently Having The Upper Hand By Ranking First On Netflix’s Global Television Program Lineup. With Achievements Like This, The Public Was Amazed.

Netflix original series, ” Squid Game ” continues to maintain global popularity. The drama, starring Lee Jung Jae and Park Hae Soo , was ranked first in the Netflix application worldwide for the TV program category for seven days.

According to Flix Patrol , the ranking ranking site Netlfix, “Squid Game” has been ranked first on September 30 (Korean time zone) and September 29 (US time zone). The ranking includes television programs such as dramas and entertainment shows.

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This program is ranked first with the acquisition of 826 points. With this, “Squid Game” has been at the top for seven days from September 23rd.

This drama also ranked first on Netflix Today 10 TV Programs In America and was there for nine days in a row starting from September 21 until today, Thursday (30/9). “Squid Game” also rose to the top for its ninth day in the Netflix Top 10 America’s Contents category, which ranks the app’s overall viewing experience.

With such achievements of “Squid Game”, the public was amazed by it. So that netizens gave their comments about the achievements of this drama in online forums.

“Heol, really amazing,” said one netizen. “This is amazing. “New points record?!? Wow,” commented a netizen. “Wow, crazy,” said another.

Meanwhile, “Squid Game” by director Hwang Dong Hyuk himself is a nine-episode drama that tells the story of a mysterious survival game. With a prize of 45.6 billion won the participants risked life and death to become the ultimate winner.