The sequel to the film Jack Reacher is not directed by Christopher McQuarrie


After being accused of being a traitor in an espionage case. Convinced Susan Turner was innocent, Jack Reacher then helped her. And released him from prison. They both became fugitives.

In his escape, while being hunted by The Hunter (Patrick Heusinger), finally, Jack Reacher finds out: That he is only a small part of a big secret that concerns his past. Can Jack Reacher uncover the evil conspiracy? And at the same time clear his name and Susan Turner of all charges?

However, even so, the male audience had nothing to worry about. Because the second Jack Reacher film will not be crisp. The position of Rosamund Pike, who was a sweetener, was replaced by Cobie Smulders. Who, so far, has played the role of Agent Maria Hill in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Moreover, apart from Cobie Smulders, there is also Danika Yarosh. An average girl with blonde hair. His name skyrocketed after starring in the Heroes Reborn (2015) series.

One more difference from the first film. Who used to act as director and scriptwriter at the same time. Last year, the scriptwriter of Valkyrie (2008) and Edge of Tomorrow (2014) was quite successful when directing Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation (2015).

As a replacement for Christopher McQuarrie, Paramount Pictures appointed Edward Zwick to direct Jack Reacher: Never Go Back. To be precise, on May 19, 2015. Previously, the director of Blood Diamond (2006) had worked with Tom Cruise. Namely, when gushing The Last Samurai (2003) first. Edward Zwick also praised Tom Cruise as an actor who always did very mature physical and mental preparation. The star who skyrocketed through the film Top Gun (1986) is indeed relentless. And always focus on shooting.

Another thing that also amazed Edward Zwick: Tom Cruise always did all the dangerous scenes in his films himself. The stuntman to feel bored. Because they are often unemployed during the shooting process. What’s also interesting is that Tom Cruise’s habit, in the end, affected his co-star: Cobie Smulders. Who then joined in doing all the dangerous scenes themselves. No stunt double.

In the IMAX trailer released by Paramount Pictures, there are indeed many action scenes that adorn this action thriller film. One of them, the figure of Jack Reacher was helping Susan Turner who was surrounded by several men. In addition, there is also a chase scene with the police. As well as Jack Reacher’s action in beating up anyone who gets in his way.

However, unfortunately, so far, several review sites have not provided a rating. Because this 113-minute film will only be aired in the United States on Friday (21/10) tomorrow. However, even so, at the box office, this USD 96 million budget film, it is predicted, will be able to earn (at least) USD 20 million during the opening weekend.

So far, Ben Affleck is known as a talented actor who has successfully starred in various genres of films in Hollywood. And, amazingly, apart from being a player, Matt Damon’s best friend has also been a producer, screenwriter, and director. One of his works, Argo (2012), won an Oscar in the Best Film category.