The Scene Of Lee Se Hee Being Punished By Her Father In ‘Young Lady And Gentleman’ Reaps Audience Criticism

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Footage Of The Latest Episode Of ‘Young Lady And Gentleman’ Shows Park Dan Dan (Lee Se Hee) Who Was Publicly Revealed To Be Dating Lee Young Guk (Ji Hyun Woo).

” Young Lady and Gentleman ” aired the latest episode on Sunday (30/1). However, once it aired, this KBS drama immediately drew a lot of criticism from the audience because one of the scenes involving the female lead, Lee Se Hee .

The latest episode of “Young Lady and Gentleman” shows Park Dan Dan ( Lee Se Hee ) who was publicly revealed to be dating Lee Young Guk ( Ji Hyun Woo ). However, Park Soo Cheol ( Lee Jong Won ), Park Dan Dan’s father, is against his daughter’s relationship.

Park Soo Cheol objected because Lee Young Guk was 14 years older than the princess. The man decided to take action to punish his daughter by locking her in the room.

Park Soo Cheol is seen violently grabbing Park Dan Dan and throwing him into his room, even locking the door. He even stressed to his family that they should not open the door for him.

Park’s wife Soo Cheol protested, “Is this the Chosun ? Will locking him in a room solve the problem?

Park Soo Cheol explained, “He won’t listen if I just put it in words.” At breakfast, Park Soo Cheol exclaims, “Don’t give him food. He’ll say he’ll break up with him if he’s hungry.”

After hearing the news that Park Dan Dan had been locked up, Lee Young Kook’s children were shocked and were seen crying loudly. This latest scene made many viewers uncomfortable, drawing various criticisms.

Many viewers criticized that the scene was disappointing and showed an old-fashioned depiction of domestic violence. The audience was busy pouring the criticism on the “Young Lady and Gentleman” bulletin board. What do you think?

Considered Unnecessary, Violent Scenes In ‘Young Lady And Gentleman’ Become Controversy

The Violent Scene In The Latest Episode Of The KBS Drama ‘Young Lady And Gentleman’ Has Drawn Controversy.

KBS drama ” Young Lady and Gentleman ” is reaping controversy. The drama was criticized for showing two scenes of “unnecessary violence”.

The latest episode of “Young Lady and Gentleman” drew strong criticism from viewers for looking too cruel. According to viewers, some scenes between Park Soo Chul ( Lee Jong Won ) and Anna Kim ( Lee Il Hwa ) were deemed “inappropriate, especially since the drama is broadcast on weekends for the whole family to watch”.

The scene includes when Park Soo Chul slaps Anna Kim and threatens to kill her if he sees her again. He said, “Today I will not kill you. But if I see you next time, I might (will kill you).”

“So if you want to live, don’t let me catch you again. Never let Dan Dan ( Lee Se Hee ) see you,” added Park Soo Chul. He even pushed Anna Kim into a chair and made her kneel to beg for forgiveness.

After this scene was broadcast, viewers began to fill the KBS bulletin board to protest. Viewers’ two main complaints were that “it’s unnecessary violence” and “violence is never the answer”.

“The scene is too cruel and unpleasant to watch,” said one viewer. “This drama is too loud,” added another viewer.

“Violence is never the answer. Don’t try to give him excuses, don’t cross the line,” said another. “Why is this episode so cruel?” said the other viewers and many more.

Not only that, because this scene is also in the spotlight in the theqoo online community . Many netizens are voicing their concerns, especially since this drama is aimed at an audience of 15 years and over.

“I don’t think the scene is suitable to be broadcast on national TV channels on weekend nights,” said a netizen. “This weekend and this is a family drama. There is no right to get that violence. It can also be easily avoided,” added another netizen.

“Those scenes were so cruel. Yes, Anna Kim was really messed up, but slapping and threatening to kill her?” another netizen said.

“This is more problematic because it airs on KBS. When I watched the weekend drama on KBS, I didn’t watch it because I saw several women being beaten,” concluded another netizen.

Meanwhile, this is not the first time “Young Lady and Gentleman” has drawn controversy. Previously, the drama, starring Ji Hyun Woo , was also criticized for presenting content “similar to pedophiles“.