The scene in The Mummy that scared Sofia Boutella was being put in a sarcophagus


In addition, which makes Sofia Boutella even more scared, in that scene, the mummy she plays is also inserted into the sarcophagus. The coffin of the ancient Egyptians. According to the scenario, Sofia had to squirm around while showing a frightened expression. However, she was so scared, the 35-year-old actress didn’t need to act anymore. Because he was really scared.

On the other hand, The Mummy director Alex Kurtzman, who is also a producer in the following Dark Universe films, believes that this hundreds of million dollar film project will be a success. According to him, the characters in the Dark Universe have advantages when compared to superheroes. Namely, can attract the sympathy of the audience. Even though they are scary monsters, they are a reflection of human nature which is full of empathy. Therefore, Kurtzman will build a detailed background of the monsters.

Alex Kurtzman then started the Dark Universe by developing the character Ahmanet. Which, in fact, is based on the figure of the goddess Amunet in ancient Egyptian mythology. As a princess, the antagonist played by Sofia Boutella is very ambitious. However, he chose the wrong path. Kurtzman sure, the audience will sympathize and fear him at the same time.

According to the director of Star Trek (2009), previous Universal Monsters films have always focused on character development. At first glance, the film The Mummy, perhaps, looks like a horror film. However, in it there is a story about the poor creature.

Alex Kurtzman added, Universal Pictures is really focused on working on the Dark Universe project. They wanted to make it as grand as possible. With the biggest stars. With super cool action actions. In addition, one of Hollywood’s top studios also wants its films to be funny and nuanced with humor.

The filming of The Mummy itself, for the most part, was done in England. From April to July 2016. Meanwhile, for the desert setting, Alex Kurtzman took pictures in Namibia, Africa. For two weeks. Which ended in August 2016.

For those who are curious about the results, this film made by Alex Kurtzman has held its premiere at the State Theatre, Sydney, Australia, on May 22, 2017. However, until now, the response from critics has not been known. However, what is certain is that moviegoers in can already watch it on Wednesday (7/6).

Colonel Percival Harrison Fawcett was a British explorer, archaeologist and soldier who was quite famous in the early 20th century. However, in 1925, while on an expedition in the interior of the Amazon jungle, Brazil, the figure who is familiarly called Percy disappeared without a trace. Moreover, tragically, he also brought his son with him. Which, until now, is unknown. Both were declared missing and dead.

Percy’s mission in exploring the Amazon jungle is to find the lost city “Z”. Namely, a mysterious ancient city. Which is dubbed as the City of Gold. aka El Dorado. As mentioned in the Portuguese exploration manuscript. However, it is not clear where the specific location is. The true story of Percy’s disappearance was later written into a novel by David Grann. The title is The Lost City of Z.