The Saddest Antagonist Deaths in Anime


The death of the antagonist is always the most satisfying moment in anime. After being annoyed with his crimes, seeing a criminal get his karma is a natural thing. However, that does not apply to the five characters below.

Despite having committed many crimes, the deaths of these antagonists actually invite tears. Want to know who the characters are and why?


Envy (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood) : Envy is a Homunculus created by Father. He is arguably one of the cruelest Homunculus.

Envy is an arrogant figure and always considers humans as lowly creatures. He is also responsible for the death of Roy Mustang’s best friend, Maes Hughes.

In his fight against Roy and his allies, Envy was defeated. Just like Lust, Envy is also burned alive until he returns to his original form. After being cornered, he finally acknowledged the motive for his arrogance.

As the name suggests, Envy is actually just envious of humans. He knew that human beings have a spirit, courage, and love that other beings do not have. Although Roy had decided not to kill her, Envy killed herself by smashing her Lucky Stone.


Zabuza Momochi (Naruto) : Zabuza Momochi is the main antagonist in Naruto’s first arc , Land of the Waves. Zabuza himself is an assassin hired by Gato to kill Tazuna. However, his efforts become difficult when he has to deal with Team 7.

Zabuza’s background does not attract the sympathy of the audience. However, his loyalty to Haku made his death tragic. After seeing Haku who sacrificed his life and getting advice from Naruto, Zabuza finally realized that Haku was a very precious person to him.

Finally, Zabuza decided to use his remaining strength to kill Gato and his allies. When he met his death, Zabuza asked Kakashi to be juxtaposed by Haku’s side.

Obito Uchiha (Naruto) : Still from the Naruto series , this time there is a villain who started the Fourth Shinobi War, Obito Uchiha. Previously, Obito was Kakashi and Rin’s partner in Team Minato. However, during the Third Shinobi War, Obito was hit by a rock and everyone thought he was dead.

Obito was later rescued by Madara Uchiha. Through the scenario of Rin’s death, Madara uses Obito to carry out his plans. In the Fourth Shinobi War, Obito realized that he was only being used by Madara.

Obito finally turned around and decided to help Team 7 stop the war. When Team 7 struggled to defeat Kaguya Otsutsuki, Obito sacrificed his own life to help them.