The romantic comedy film marked the debut of director Nguyen Trung Cang

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Through Ben Lam Chi tells about Tuan – an international student who first set foot in the US. Far from what Tuan imagined about a life like “paradise” here, he seemed to hate everything but did not have the courage to give it all up to pursue his passion. However, thanks to life’s push, Tuan met Julie – his life’s destiny. Thanks to the calculations of Leo and the Ut, they made a strange contract to benefit both sides, but then all the troubles started from here.

Crossing the lake to do Chi?
Through Ben Lam Chi is a romantic comedy that marks the debut of young director Nguyen Trung Cang after many years living in a foreign land. This first film was sent by him with much hope and enthusiasm. Most of the movie scenes are shot 100% in the US, can see the investment from the producer. However, it seems that the film has not really exploited the beauty of the “land of flowers” with faded and unimpressive frames. The passing of foreign actors also could not save much. Honestly, with what is brought to the big screen, even in Vietnam, it can be done through Ben Lam Chi without having to bring each other to the US.

A scene from the movie
As a romantic comedy with a bit of action, Qua Ben Lam Chi is suitable for a relaxing weekend with lovers and friends. The screenplay is not too special if it is not rigorous, but evaluates that it is disjointed and lacks suspense. The story revolves around the love of Tuan and Julie, remaining family conflicts and the lives of Vietnamese people in foreign lands have not been thoroughly explored and exploited. The film’s pace is quite slow, the script is predictable, causing the film to sag at times. The fight scenes between Tuan and the tall Western brothers also partly pulled the film up, but only for a while, but could not last. In general, the content of the film is just enough, not really deep or creating an unforgettable highlight for the viewers.

It is unbelievable that Qua Ben Lam Chi ‘s little compensation is to have a cast of actors with all beautiful boys and beautiful girls to at least guarantee the facade. As for the acting of the actors in the movie, it is not so good. The female lead role played by Phuong Titi is still awkward, not really integrated into the role, the facial expression is still quite rigid. Thuan Nguyen in the role of Tuan always retains the handsome, elegant standard “marshal” of the screen, the acting is somewhat better but still faded. However, Duy Khanh’s presence in the role of Leo contributes to a good effect for the film. Although it was only a supporting role, thanks to the cuteness and humor in both acting and character lines, Duy Khanh’s character lines brought laughter to the audience. It is no wonder that Duy Khanh “saved” the whole movie.

What is particularly remarkable in Qua Ben Lam Chi is the unique shooting angles and panning shots. In a few movie scenes, the director used smooth panning and produced eye-catching footage, although not much, but enough to give a compliment to director Nguyen Trung Cang. In addition, the color of the film is also quite eye-catching, light and dark tones are used appropriately for each scene. So in terms of overall look, the movie is also good.

The sound of the film is also a component worth mentioning, the music used catches the listener’s ears because it shows the inner feelings and thoughts of the characters. The sound part is inserted into scenes such as chasing, fighting, thinking, etc., which are selected and used in a reasonable and intelligent way, contributing to increasing the attraction for viewers. Regarding this sound, the director has handled it well without causing excessive feeling.

In general, Qua Ben Lam Chi is a suitable movie for ordinary entertainment, but not really special enough. Perhaps the filmmaker should invest more in the script because this is the most important part of the movie. However, for a movie developed from a web drama, that much is fine. If you are not too strict in watching and feeling movies but just need a relaxing comedy for the weekend, then Qua Ben Lam Chi is the movie for you.