The Return of Superman: South Korean Celebrity Parenting Style


Usually, I watch dramas from South Korea, Japan, and China on the sites, or because apart from the many choices, the quality of the translation is also good. Because I don’t really like reality shows , when the title “The Return of Superman” greeted my eyes, I was stupid. But, when I tried watching YouTube for the first time, actor Song Ilkook’s family episode with his three adorable twins, I became addicted. So, during this month of July, I watched dozens of episodes on the sidelines of taking a break from work and writing.

The Return of Superman aka Superman is Back is a reality-variety show that features parenting art in the style of young papahs and young mamahs of South Korean celebrities, and most of them are the roles of young papahs. Not all of them are celebrities, because there are some who are football and boxing players. However, each family always displays the excitement and uniqueness of each. I even amused myself to see young papahs learn to handle their little ones from the moment they wake up until they go to sleep, which their wives usually do. And my favorites are the Song Ilkook-Jung Seung Yeon family with their three twins, as well as Choo Sung Hoon

and Shino Yano with their adorable son Choo Sarang is incomparable especially when she says “Bad Boys!” with a funny expression.

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Song Ilkook’s family is simple, compact and disciplined.
Song Ilkook is a top South Korean actor who rose to fame when he was cast in the series “Jumong”, and because of this series he was unable to have a normal relationship with the woman who is now his wife, because his wife doesn’t want to be caught on camera and her private life as well as her prestige as a judge must be protected. Oh yes, Song Ilkook’s wife is a judge in the high court, who has quite the name and charisma. She is known as a brilliant woman with a classy education, which makes Song Ilkook fall in love with her inner beauty. In every performance, it’s just Song Ilkook and the Song Triplets -Daehan, Minguk, Manse

– which adorns the screen. Song Ilkook’s wife was reluctant to appear, and even if she appeared it was only a side view or a back view that made her curious. Because of that, everything that this team of four handsome boys does is based on Song Ilkook’s point of view and hard work, with all the joy, pain, joy, pride and cute tears. The three adorable children really like to eat, especially if the menu is meat, seaweed and bananas.

Oh yes, these three boys besides being smart also have different characters, so I guess their future is like this: Daehan will grow up as a charismatic man as an actor or a judge following in the footsteps of one of his parents; The very friendly Minguk can be an actor or athlete that everyone loves; while Manse might grow up as a playboy actor, because Manse is very easy to get close to girls.

From the Song Ilkook family, I learned a lot about being a parent, and indeed Song Ilkook is a favorite father of this series because in each series he often shows when he gives education to his three active children, including in applying light punishments to discipline them. Episode after episode of this family is always memorable, such as playing on a cow farm, planting rice, being a little soldier, being a fisherman, participating in competitions, playing with children around the complex, learning manners at the temple, learning to appreciate food, harvesting tomatoes and grapes. , making a surprise birthday party for mom, entertaining guests, selling used goods, practicing as a dentist, learning to swim, getting to know mud and so on.

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It seems fitting to mention that the intelligence of the three boys was passed down from his mother and Song Ilkook polished it with a life full of responsibility as men. Seeing the way Song Ilkook takes care of his three children with care, of course makes girls dream of having a husband like that. Handsome, good-looking, sexy, mighty, caring, loving, smart and good at cooking Choo Sung Hoon’s family is cheerful and full of freedom

Choo Sarang is the only child of boxing couple Choo Sung Hoon and top Japanese model, Shino Yano. This little girl is very talkative, noisy, tomboyish, and a fighter like her father. Sarang doesn’t like to give in and she’s the type of girl who has to get what she wants. He is very close to his father and seems to have inherited a lot of character from his father, very intelligent, a great imitator, likes agility sports and music. The nest of the type of girl who always wants to be a winner. Her cuteness and out-of-the-box character make her loved by the ginseng country’s celebrities such as Girls’ Generation, to GD. He is also very close with the two cast boys of The Return of Superman

namely Yuto and Manse. This nest is so smart, she is fluent in Korean and Japanese, and speaks bilingually with her parents, and can also remember the lessons she heard while sleeping. At first I didn’t really like Choo Sarang, but after watching many episodes, this little girl became my favorite after Song Triplets. She really is a girl with a unique character, tough and has a winning mentality since childhood. Perhaps, in the future he will become a successful figure following in the footsteps of his parents. He also does not know the word fear. How brave. Adventure, learn and make good friends All family in reality show.