The Reason Why TWICE Was Disappointed During Their Trainee Period


Recently, TWICE ‘s Sana expressed her disappointment during her trainee days to become a Kpop idol .

To become a Kpop idol , TWICE ‘s Sana had to overcome many challenges, plus it was even harder because she was a foreigner.

Known as a multinational group, the girl group TWICE has members from various countries such as Korea, Japan , and Taiwan.

Sana , who is a Japanese member of the TWICE group , recently honestly admitted her difficulties and disappointments while being a foreign trainee in Korea.

Quoted by from KBIZoom, this TWICE member , he has been in Korea for 10 years.

Sana admitted that she was very excited when she went abroad to participate in the entertainment world.

However, the biggest challenge he had to face was his inability to communicate with other people, when he first arrived in Korea.

“I don’t even know how to answer questions like ‘How are you? Have you eaten anything?

“I am very disappointed , even though I am a person who talks a lot in his daily life,” he continued.

Frustrated by the language barrier, Sana tried her best to learn to speak Korean.

Sana wanted to understand what the other trainees were saying , why they were laughing and wanted to communicate with all of them.

But practicing choreography and vocal training takes up all of his time, so he doesn’t have much time to learn Korean well.

However, Sana has found a way for herself to learn Korean effectively, namely by reading the signs on the road every time she passes.

Sana even recorded her own words.

“I recorded and listened to it again because I wanted to improve the pronunciation and try to correct the wrong parts,” said Sana .

Listening to Sana ‘s story, TWICE ‘s Chaeyoung said she felt amazed by foreign members in TWICE such as Sana , Momo, Mina, and Tzuyu.

They all have the courage and resilience to start a new life in a foreign country, accepting life away from their home for many years.

To note, Minatozaki Sana was born in 1996, he is a Japanese person who managed to become a member of the girl group TWICE .

Sana was once voted the 17th most popular idol in Korea and the highest ranked Japanese in Gallup Korea’s annual music poll in 2018.